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Admitting a Problem

Habits are hard to break. For years I’ve had a skin picking problem where I can’t seem to keep my hands off of healing scabs. I pick them off during moments of boredom, anxiety, and/or when I perceive the scab as an imperfection that needs to come off from my skin ASAP. There have even…… Continue reading Admitting a Problem

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The Good and the Bad

I wish I could say that I felt inspired to write a post right at this moment because I have positive vibes and nothing but great things to share. That’s not it. Instead I felt the itch to write because I am in a bad mood and desperately wanted/needed some kind of outlet to get…… Continue reading The Good and the Bad

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Recall the Moment

Life is chaos. The times I have been completely at ease, content in being where I am with no rush or disturbance knocking at my door, are few and far between. Sometimes that utter euphoria lasts seconds, or minutes, or just an hour or two. It’s nice to have those moments where I forget who…… Continue reading Recall the Moment

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Inaccurate Impression

It was the morning of Sunday, October 21st. Aunt T, who was visiting for the weekend, drove Aunt Y (her sister), her friend, my dad, and I to Bushwick for a free graffiti art street tour. We were the first ones there but stayed in the car to avoid the cold air until more people…… Continue reading Inaccurate Impression

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Coping Well And/Or Badly

I don’t know where to start. It’s 12:34 AM as I am typing this very sentence. Whenever something happens that affects me, of course I feel shaken up by this thing called life. I’m sure it’s similar for other people, even though it is truly impossible to live in another person’s shoes because each person’s…… Continue reading Coping Well And/Or Badly

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Prompt: First Person Who Ever Believed In Me

It’s hard to say if I can remember who was the very first person in my life who ever believed in me. So, I will write about the first person I remember as the one who gave me a lot of encouragement and support and how that made an impact on me. Her name was…… Continue reading Prompt: First Person Who Ever Believed In Me

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Prompt: A Lesson I Learned The Hard Way

I seem to use school memories a lot in these prompts, but I can’t help it! Also, note that I am changing up the format a little for these posts and now the link to the list of prompts and the prompt question I used can be found at the bottom of this post. A…… Continue reading Prompt: A Lesson I Learned The Hard Way

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Prompt: What I Was Really Thinking

This prompt originates from this list. Write about what you were really thinking. This was something that happened recently. It was two weeks ago on a Sunday when I went shopping with my parents. We stopped for lunch at a Popeye’s inside the mall. There was only one empty table with four seats left so…… Continue reading Prompt: What I Was Really Thinking

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Prompt: How High School Changed Me

This prompt originates from this list. Write about your time in high school and how it changed you. Oh booooy, this is a true can of worms I didn’t want to open. High school sucked majorly in more ways than one. I might be a complete Debbie Downer for this post since I have a…… Continue reading Prompt: How High School Changed Me

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Too Hard on Myself

So many times I’ve been told by my group therapy moderator, Betsy, that I’m too hard on myself. It’s taken me this long to start believing her. While I accept and see the truth of how often I use myself as a punching bag, I still have tons of problems with believing other things about…… Continue reading Too Hard on Myself