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How to Slow Down

I’ve got another work story to tell. It’s one I feel less negative about than everything I wrote about yesterday, however, it’s still something that I’m only figuring out now has been a life-long habit I’ve developed. On Saturdays I am mainly around one other coworker, Adele. She also works at the same site as…… Continue reading How to Slow Down

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Pressure Points

I had little to no motivation to do much of anything today. Daylight Savings Time just ended, and that means that one hour ahead on the clock makes it seem like the hours of daylight in the afternoon are shorter. I hate how time is out of my control and keeps moving, whether I feel…… Continue reading Pressure Points

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Being Asked “What Do You Do For Work?”

I was over my aunt and uncle’s house in Jersey yesterday where my brother’s girlfriend met them for the first time ever. For perhaps 10 minutes or more, the focus of a chat that she was having with my uncle was about work. Not only her job but where he has worked and they even…… Continue reading Being Asked “What Do You Do For Work?”

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A Good Lie

Yesterday evening I had dinner with some rich folks in China. It was so not my comfort zone for a variety of reasons: I had to go over their house (before the dinner) I didn’t know them They spoke in a different dialect (which I don’t understand) Awkwardness Most of all, I know I tolerated…… Continue reading A Good Lie

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Interview Pains

I had two consecutive interviews today. How did I survive? I have no clue. I went in only knowing it was going to be a group interview as per what the email invite told me. Despite my nerves, I prepared by reading up about the company and googling possible interview questions. However, I got there…… Continue reading Interview Pains

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Missed Opportunity

Man, I feel like an idiot. Last week I received a phone call from another job I applied for. The manager left me a voice mail asking me to call her back. I made myself do the right thing by calling back the next day but she was not there. Then Friday I was so…… Continue reading Missed Opportunity

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A Frenzy of Anxiety

I don’t want to lose my mind just because I am anxious. Of course, my gut reaction is to want to avoid whatever is causing me to feel this way. I’ve danced to this tune for my whole life. I just hate the other feelings that accompany the anxiety. For right now, I’m currently trying…… Continue reading A Frenzy of Anxiety

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Prompt: Bleakest Thing I’ve Done To Make Money

This was a work from home opportunity that I took out of desperation and perhaps naivete. It wasn’t right for me at all. The company specialized in hiring people to do online video captioning, so my job was to type subtitles for short or long videos and sync the subtitles accordingly to make them pop…… Continue reading Prompt: Bleakest Thing I’ve Done To Make Money