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Labor Day + Post-Job Thoughts

Today is Labor Day. I wish I could say something patriotic on this national holiday but unfortunately, I do not since I don’t even feel like I deserve to be celebratory. In the days prior to this day, a pang went off in my chest whenever I thought of Labor Day. How can I describe…… Continue reading Labor Day + Post-Job Thoughts

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Things I Learned About Myself in Therapy

Yesterday’s group therapy session I partook in was especially helpful. I can feel a difference in myself that seems to be almost physical, in the sense my body is lighter from letting go of emotional baggage I didn’t know I was carrying with me. My therapy homework assignment last week was to write a thought…… Continue reading Things I Learned About Myself in Therapy

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He Doesn’t Understand After All

Well, I quit my job. It’s done. I knew the dynamic in the office would be different this week since my other coworker went away on vacation for a week and I had to come in earlier to help out my remaining coworker. You have no idea how close I was to not even walking…… Continue reading He Doesn’t Understand After All

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Being Heard By Others

I have always been super self-conscious about my own voice. The worst is how self-conscious I feel when I talk to someone in the presence of other people or knowing that other people around me are listening as I talk. Result? My voice usually comes out lower than I had hoped for due to the…… Continue reading Being Heard By Others

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An Anxiety Confession

It is Thursday morning. I have no time to use my computer in the morning anymore so these quick blogs while I am on the bus to work will have to do. This whole week has not been bad for me, although I felt anxious almost constantly with my heart pumping like a jackhammer in…… Continue reading An Anxiety Confession

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A Transient Time

I couldn’t sleep, so here I am blogging in the hopes of releasing whatever keeps lingering in my thoughts. All my life I’ve been relentlessly greedy about having time to myself to do as I please. As a young kid, I couldn’t wait to be let out from school so I could go home, possibly…… Continue reading A Transient Time

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Weekend Reflections

Today, as I type this blog post, it is Sunday. You would not believe the rush of elation I felt on Friday after I got off work and was physically walking to the bus stop to get home. I was FREE and at ease knowing I did not have to come into work for the…… Continue reading Weekend Reflections