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How to Slow Down

I’ve got another work story to tell. It’s one I feel less negative about than everything I wrote about yesterday, however, it’s still something that I’m only figuring out now has been a life-long habit I’ve developed. On Saturdays I am mainly around one other coworker, Adele. She also works at the same site as…… Continue reading How to Slow Down

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Bad Habits

Where is the line in the sand between a bad habit and concerning behavior that starts to impact how I live? I have a habit that might be considered disgusting and also harmful to myself. Only I didn’t think of it as actually harmful until today when I was called out for it. I am…… Continue reading Bad Habits

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Skin Upkeep

I’ve done poorly with foot hygiene. I paid very little mind to mosturizing my feet and sanitizing my sneakers. Until now. I recently washed the insoles of my shoes, using a fresh toothbrush to scrub with a vigorous lather of soap and water. When everything was washed away, I watched a river of caked on…… Continue reading Skin Upkeep

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What It Feels Like

Right now, it seems like the sky will fall on me and everything will come to an end. This is the perception I have in a single instant whenever the anxiety within me rises and rises until it reaches a crescendo of no return. I hate it. A constant that usually goes unnoticed and perhaps…… Continue reading What It Feels Like

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My Daily Habits

A habit can be a good or bad thing depending on what type it is and forming new habits can be easy or hard. Then there the habits that I don’t really see as good or bad and they’re just things I do on the daily basis because I feel like it, lol. My habits…… Continue reading My Daily Habits

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Compulsions Born From Anxiety

When I first started this blog last year, I really and truly thought social anxiety was the only main factor having a negative influence on my life. I was wrong. I have realized through blogging that some of the things I blame on social anxiety is actually a mix of both social anxiety and anxiety…… Continue reading Compulsions Born From Anxiety

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Tempted to Cancel

I’m here again, in the situation of having signed up for an upcoming volunteer project, only to get cold feet in the hours before. Why? Because I’m irrationally scared of a million things will go wrong if I actually go. Sometimes I curse how technology has made communicating so much simpler. With a few taps…… Continue reading Tempted to Cancel

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Coping mechanisms

During one of my earliest therapy sessions some weeks back, I explained to my therapist that I tend to see everything through a very negative filter, even for the most minuscule things. I could sneeze on the subway and my heart inadvertently speeds up as I wonder if I just pissed someone off by spreading…… Continue reading Coping mechanisms