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May Stitch Updates

Where has the time gone? I welcome June with open arms because I love summer! My last update posts: April 2019 March 2019 February 2019 January 2019 Here is the completed cross stitch of my present to my mother for Mother’s Day. I got the frame from Michael’s, and the 05.012.19 was a customization I…… Continue reading May Stitch Updates

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March Stitch Updates

Spring is finally here, thank goodness. I don’t think I got much cross stitching done. My heart wasn’t as into it after having a lot of real life stuff on my mind lately. I stitched less but never forced myself when I didn’t feel like doing it. My last update posts: February 2019 January 2019…… Continue reading March Stitch Updates

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February Stitch Updates

Bye bye February and hello March! Here’s another post to update on my cross stitch projects. Most notable is that I added blue beads to the cloth. Some of them are in the fairy’s hair wreath but most were sprinkled around the castle globe and her necklace. The stitch chart called for a type of…… Continue reading February Stitch Updates

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Cross Stitch Updates: Stardust Fairy+Merida Fairytale

To celebrate the last day of January, I am posting updates on the two cross stitch projects I’ve been working on lately. I usually do these kind of posts sporadically but maybe I could start doing them at the end of each month. I got a lot done with the Stardust Fairy design in the…… Continue reading Cross Stitch Updates: Stardust Fairy+Merida Fairytale

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Cross Stitching Joy 😍

Today on my blog… Is a minor cross stitch update! Here is a cross stitch design called “Daydreams” I finished in summer 2016. A few days ago I put the finished design in the frame that was included in the kit. It took so long as I had such a hard time snapping the clampable…… Continue reading Cross Stitching Joy 😍

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Staving Off Boredom

Being bored is a terrible feeling!! This happens to me most when I have too much leisure time with no plans for the day or I am generally feeling “blah”. Sometimes simple things, like visiting the local market or window shopping, is that small little pick-me-up I need to get my mind out of the…… Continue reading Staving Off Boredom

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My Childhood Creations

I was definitely an artsy kid who liked drawing, making jewelry from plastic beads, and folding origami. I was also a fan of paper crafts; cutting and gluing different colored paper together, decorating them with glitter and stickers, etc. Markers were my favorite thing to write or doodle with. Sadly, most of my childhood works…… Continue reading My Childhood Creations

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Putting Together Puzzles

A simple activity that I’m sad to say I don’t indulge in as much anymore in this day and age is working on jigsaw puzzles. I loved piecing them together when I was a kid. I especially enjoyed working on a challenging puzzle that had over a thousand pieces. I would always start out collecting…… Continue reading Putting Together Puzzles

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Prompt: Things I Loved Doing As A Child

This prompt originates from this list. Write about the things you loved doing when you were a child. It’s not hard to list things I loved doing as a child, but for different ages, I enjoyed doing different things. The earliest comfort as a toddler is having a pacifier. I enjoyed biting on it; probably…… Continue reading Prompt: Things I Loved Doing As A Child