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Still Kicking

I hate that the default page my WordPress account takes me to when I click on “My sites” is the Stats page. Am I supposed to feel bad that I haven’t written in a while? I actually don’t mind that my viewership has gone down. I guess it works both ways. I haven’t had the…… Continue reading Still Kicking

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Amateur orchiding

I know I technically just made up a word (orchiding), but it’s my way of describing my everlasting love for phalaenopsis orchid plants. 😍 I currently own 8 orchids and they’re all mini-sized. I would love big regular sized orchid with large blooms but I just have nowhere to put such a large potted plant…… Continue reading Amateur orchiding

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Too Much Activity

I go through fluctuating periods of being annoyed with too much phone activity or being insecure about the activity becoming stalled. Either of these things don’t seem healthy. I’m not saying that is true for everyone but I feel it is true for myself. I suppose it depends on who I am writing to through…… Continue reading Too Much Activity

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Passing On Messages / Being Asked for Help

I never enjoy passing on messages for other people. Firstly, the immediate response I always have is a casual, “Sure, okay”, even though I’m screaming on the inside, “NOO, I don’t want to do it! NO!” The affirmative words always come out like an instant cue where I am compelled to give a reply right…… Continue reading Passing On Messages / Being Asked for Help

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Going Out & New Environments

It’s only the second day in a row of a mixture of cloudy and rainy weather, but I am going a little insane from staying indoors today. Commonly, in the hours before I go out, I get caught up thinking about the small things, like if I can actually bring myself to make my wish…… Continue reading Going Out & New Environments

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Procrastination & Odd Quirks

I lightly tidied up the table beside my desktop computer for the first time in months. A bit odd to realize that the mess of papers and books were in the same exact spots they were in as 2017 came to a close. Habitually, I do tend to have things laying around. I might take…… Continue reading Procrastination & Odd Quirks

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Speed of Personal Growth

Being the age I am at and the situation I am in, I am considering the possibility I have unintentionally boxed myself in and robbed myself of the personal growth I could be having if I would let certain things go. I don’t know how many times I have brought this up in past posts…… Continue reading Speed of Personal Growth

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Red & Blushing

I get red in the face very easily. In the past when my cheeks burned with embarrassment or due to nervousness, I would not acknowledge it at all. That usually worsened things because I might look for ridiculous ways to hide my physical ailment, like my infamous fidgeting, which only made my blushing more apparent…… Continue reading Red & Blushing

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An Almost Success

I did almost everything right today. Almost. I got a good night’s rest. I scarfed down a measly breakfast (can’t eat much when my nerves are bouncing in my stomach). I was set with my bag, my clipped resume, and my interview clothes. It wasn’t enough. As someone who only occasionally travels to the Upper…… Continue reading An Almost Success

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So, last night my brain did the thing where I couldn’t stop thinking about a certain something and that drove me into the dark corner of lying in bed tossing and turning and caught in between wakefulness and exhaustion. Becoming trapped in that obsessive circle feels like a big deal when I’m in it. Who can…… Continue reading Insecurities