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Wake Up Call

Today, the second night into a vacation trip I took with my family to the Pocono Mountains, I had been slowly but surely putting together a blog draft of all the cool things I have experienced thus far. Now in light of something that happened this evening, I feel too somber to publish it. Maybe…… Continue reading Wake Up Call

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Scared by an Icebreaker Question

I have never liked icebreaker questions. My fear of them stems from my school years where the activity always came up as the teacher’s method of making everyone “get to know each other”. Icebreaker questions are meant to be non-threatening and a casual, fun way for people to interact with one another, but being that…… Continue reading Scared by an Icebreaker Question

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May Showers

I’m caught in the cycle of May showers this week. Rain day in and day out. This brings to mind the “April showers bring May flowers” I was familiar with and liked the saying because it rhymed well. At least the plants and flowers outside will enjoy all this extra nourishment. I enjoy hearing the…… Continue reading May Showers

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“Me” Problems

I’m not at my best today. I’m tired, but not really in the usual physical sense of being so exhausted I just want to collapse into bed and drift off into sleep. I slept okay, actually. My joints are a bit tighter and there’s a slight tension in my muscles because yesterday I was working…… Continue reading “Me” Problems

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The Weight of Me

Am I really here? Do I really exist? Am I truly being seen? What do people perceive when they look at me, when they interact with me? Do they remember me still after time has blurred the edges of a memory? These questions came up in my mind at the most random moment ever. I…… Continue reading The Weight of Me

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Proving Myself Wrong

It’s painful how sometimes I still give myself excuses to be avoidant. I hate myself right now for the rush of relief pouring through my body after I just canceled an event I was supposed to be present at. The plot twist to this story is a stupid one; I was at the same event…… Continue reading Proving Myself Wrong

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5 Socially Awkward Things

For better or worse, I got through today. Along the way some random (and maybe embarrassing?) stuff happened. Oh well because I’m socially awkward. Owning up to this part of myself feels lighthearted and funny because I can see the humor in the situations I was in. It’s so drastically different from how I feel…… Continue reading 5 Socially Awkward Things