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My Pet Peeves

As I do see myself as a person of tolerance and I try hard not to begrudge people for being different or not conforming to what mainstream society deems is appropriate, I’m also a person that has her own standards of what I don’t like tolerating because it’s annoying or rude (in my opinion). It’s…… Continue reading My Pet Peeves

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Really Random Writing

Well… Before anyone gets confused reading the below text and is left wondering, “What in the heck did I just read? It sounds like a bunch of nonsense!” just let me say that I too have no idea what I was going for when I typed all this up. Haha, a writer who wrote something…… Continue reading Really Random Writing

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A Thing I Like about Myself

One thing I like about myself is that I enjoy doing things on my own, perhaps to a fault. My perception might be skewered based on my experiences, but I very much don’t like accepting direct help from my parents. I could be being hypersensitive about stuff, such as my dad’s prolificacy for taking care…… Continue reading A Thing I Like about Myself

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My Daily Habits

A habit can be a good or bad thing depending on what type it is and forming new habits can be easy or hard. Then there the habits that I don’t really see as good or bad and they’re just things I do on the daily basis because I feel like it, lol. My habits…… Continue reading My Daily Habits

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Belief in Oneself

I am going through a bit of a dry spell this winter in terms of motivation. Or rather, my motivation is very selective as I’ve made the choice to do some things while slacking with others. The decision alone to do or not to do is sometimes one I don’t want to make. I can’t…… Continue reading Belief in Oneself

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How Often I Blog

When I first started blogging, it was never my intention to make it a daily thing. I would write a post whenever I wanted to, but the downside to this was that I blogged infrequently and I often felt like I was writing about the same things over and over. It got old pretty fast.…… Continue reading How Often I Blog

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Putting Together Puzzles

A simple activity that I’m sad to say I don’t indulge in as much anymore in this day and age is working on jigsaw puzzles. I loved piecing them together when I was a kid. I especially enjoyed working on a challenging puzzle that had over a thousand pieces. I would always start out collecting…… Continue reading Putting Together Puzzles