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Disinterest in Other People

I would not go as far to say I don’t have a desire for human interaction, or that I believe forming online friendships is enough for me. It’s more like I am disconnected from the relationships I “should” be having based on what I see other people around me have. I don’t know if that…… Continue reading Disinterest in Other People

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Amateur orchiding

I know I technically just made up a word (orchiding), but it’s my way of describing my everlasting love for phalaenopsis orchid plants. 😍 I currently own 8 orchids and they’re all mini-sized. I would love big regular sized orchid with large blooms but I just have nowhere to put such a large potted plant…… Continue reading Amateur orchiding

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Laundry Drying

Around my neighborhood, people still hang their laundry on makeshift clothing lines in their backyards. Years ago my dad made a clothing line from a very long bulky chain that goes from one end of the backyard to the other. I don’t know the name for such a product but it closely resembles those weight…… Continue reading Laundry Drying

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Christmas Eve, Netflix, and Games

Well, it’s Christmas Eve! It won’t be a white Christmas around where I live. No snow, but it is raining, haha. The only celebratory thing I can think of that my family and I did was have a hot pot dinner at home. It’s just me and my parents, haha. I think I appreciate a…… Continue reading Christmas Eve, Netflix, and Games

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Staving Off Boredom

Being bored is a terrible feeling!! This happens to me most when I have too much leisure time with no plans for the day or I am generally feeling “blah”. Sometimes simple things, like visiting the local market or window shopping, is that small little pick-me-up I need to get my mind out of the…… Continue reading Staving Off Boredom

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Favorite Thing to Do on a Cold Day

On a cold day, a favorite thing I like to do is to bundle my feet in fluffy socks if I am staying indoors. This is unusual for me as I typically walk around the house barefoot. I’m not a slipper girl because it’s too much effort (in my opinion) to go up and down…… Continue reading Favorite Thing to Do on a Cold Day

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Cleaning / Household Chores

Cleaning is a nice and peaceful activity to get into, but only if no one else is home. I don’t like mopping if it means other people are going to be going back and forth in the house while the moisture on the floor hasn’t dried yet. Nowadays there are those electronic robots that, when…… Continue reading Cleaning / Household Chores