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Stresses of Registering for a School

I have roughly eight days of vacancy before I start my first day of school in a 4-week training program to become a certified Home health aide (HHA). I did not enjoy researching online about classes… It was a hit and miss of looking at several places that could potentially be “it” for me. Of…… Continue reading Stresses of Registering for a School

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Bodily Tolerance

I don’t really know where I am going with this post or what kind of main idea I am putting out this time. I almost wanted to write, “To be honest, this week was hard and I was not at my best”, but who am I kidding? Every day is imperfect, with some days being…… Continue reading Bodily Tolerance

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The Horrors of Eye Contact and Verbal Exchanges

Eye contact. Something so simple but it scares the bejesus out of me. The initial moment of having a pair of eyes set on me and then stay on me is horrific. You’d think I might be used to it after seeing people for the 27 years of my life so far. I can sketch…… Continue reading The Horrors of Eye Contact and Verbal Exchanges

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Missed Opportunity

Man, I feel like an idiot. Last week I received a phone call from another job I applied for. The manager left me a voice mail asking me to call her back. I made myself do the right thing by calling back the next day but she was not there. Then Friday I was so…… Continue reading Missed Opportunity

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Life Reflections

I’ve been to just about nowhere in the last week or so. The days feel shorter, which I blame on the early sunsets. Very few people in my neighborhood put up Christmas decorations, though it’s a cheering sight to see one house turns on their Christmas lights once it gets dark out. I remember a…… Continue reading Life Reflections

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Being Heard By Others

I have always been super self-conscious about my own voice. The worst is how self-conscious I feel when I talk to someone in the presence of other people or knowing that other people around me are listening as I talk. Result? My voice usually comes out lower than I had hoped for due to the…… Continue reading Being Heard By Others

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What To Do?

Work on Monday was not horrible. My heart rate still spiked every single time the phone rang. Within half a second of hearing the trill of the phone, I was bombarded with instant dread and apprehension of something awful happening if I picked up the phone. Several times I managed to make quick work of…… Continue reading What To Do?

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Second Day of Work Meltdown

Well, it happened. I had an anxiety blow-up that cumulated with me crying in the work office. This came about after I answered the work phone and I was in a panic for almost every time I picked up the phone. One of my co-workers was advising me to speak louder because everyone in the…… Continue reading Second Day of Work Meltdown

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No End To Anxiety

The cycle of anxiety goes a little something like this for me: 1) Be faced with a situation that makes me anxious 2) Struggle internally over getting the situation done and over with ASAP, but ultimately, 7 times out of 10 I will choose to avoid the problem. 3) Spend the next few days or…… Continue reading No End To Anxiety