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Flying High

I imagine having wings might be like another set of hands or legs, except I’d be super clumsy with using them. If I suddenly sprouted a pair, it would be hard to adjust to the change of gaining appendages like that. Not to mention how many things I would bump into because of them, or…… Continue reading Flying High

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A Frenzy of Anxiety

I don’t want to lose my mind just because I am anxious. Of course, my gut reaction is to want to avoid whatever is causing me to feel this way. I’ve danced to this tune for my whole life. I just hate the other feelings that accompany the anxiety. For right now, I’m currently trying…… Continue reading A Frenzy of Anxiety

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Prompt: What I Was Really Thinking

This prompt originates from this list. Write about what you were really thinking. This was something that happened recently. It was two weeks ago on a Sunday when I went shopping with my parents. We stopped for lunch at a Popeye’s inside the mall. There was only one empty table with four seats left so…… Continue reading Prompt: What I Was Really Thinking

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Tempted to Cancel

I’m here again, in the situation of having signed up for an upcoming volunteer project, only to get cold feet in the hours before. Why? Because I’m irrationally scared of a million things will go wrong if I actually go. Sometimes I curse how technology has made communicating so much simpler. With a few taps…… Continue reading Tempted to Cancel

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A case of self-sabotage 

Overthinking has ruined my day. It was only after getting out of the situation that I realized just how ridiculous my own thinking was. I was late to a scheduled meeting with someone at a volunteer organization. The train had some serious delays today, and I am partially at fault for exacerbating my own lateness…… Continue reading A case of self-sabotage