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I think I’m quite self-absorbed in my own problems. Perhaps everyone is to some extent? I find it incredible (in an admiring way) how some people have such busy and fast-paced things going on their lives and still manage to seem like they have it all together. My cousin just had a baby about a…… Continue reading Self-Involved

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Life in Motion

I never did give an update about the various life stressors I wrote about several weeks ago. Many things have happened since then or are still in the process of happening. I see it every day that nothing ever truly stays in one place. Just last night I spontaneously went back to completing a few…… Continue reading Life in Motion

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Life Stressors

I’m contemplating visiting my professor during his office hours on Tuesday to talk to him about my discomfort with being back in a classroom around people after attending virtual-only courses for several semesters. I don’t know how exactly voicing my concerns to him will change anything. I’m unhappy the classroom itself is small and it…… Continue reading Life Stressors

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5 Fails & 5 Focuses

The blog post title might be an odd one but it fits with the theme I was going for. I almost wrote “5 Failures” and changed it to “5 Fails” for a less harsh tone to reference the 5 things I feel I did not do well today at work. And then there is the…… Continue reading 5 Fails & 5 Focuses

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Mixed Feelings about Race, Language, and People

Sigh. This post is like a huge garage dump for all my conflicted thoughts on several interrelated matters. I revised the title like 3 times already because I kept delving into other topics from the one topic I wanted to write about. Sometimes it feels like the gap in the generational and cultural differences between…… Continue reading Mixed Feelings about Race, Language, and People

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Coping Well And/Or Badly

I don’t know where to start. It’s 12:34 AM as I am typing this very sentence. Whenever something happens that affects me, of course I feel shaken up by this thing called life. I’m sure it’s similar for other people, even though it is truly impossible to live in another person’s shoes because each person’s…… Continue reading Coping Well And/Or Badly

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Vanishing into Thin Air

Listening episodes of The Vanished hosted by podcaster Marissa Jones, it’s at times heartbreaking and painful to hear the stories of people all over the world who, by choice or by force, are currently missing and haven’t been seen or heard of by their loved ones. The how and why in many of those missing person…… Continue reading Vanishing into Thin Air

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Reasons / Excuses

I give myself plausible reasons why I should not go though they are truly just empty excuses. I juggle the two up and down in the air; not knowing which one to catch next in my hands. Which option am I supposed to believe in? Always with this last minute struggle in the hours before.…… Continue reading Reasons / Excuses

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Most Memorable Mail I’ve Gotten

I don’t have many fantasical tales to tell about unusual things I’ve gotten in the mail, except for one. It was addressed to me from my local mall and the front of the booklet had in bold letters, “Congratulations on your new baby!” ………….?! That declaration really raised my eyebrows. For a minute there, I…… Continue reading Most Memorable Mail I’ve Gotten

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Flying High

I imagine having wings might be like another set of hands or legs, except I’d be super clumsy with using them. If I suddenly sprouted a pair, it would be hard to adjust to the change of gaining appendages like that. Not to mention how many things I would bump into because of them, or…… Continue reading Flying High