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Not So Great Expectations

It’s insomnia o’clock for me again. Yay. 😑 I feel some of my more recent posts are indicative of the sorry mental state I’ve been in. There is still a lot up in the air that I haven’t chosen to write about yet. The good news is what is keeping me awake is something I’ll…… Continue reading Not So Great Expectations

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Difficulty with Bringing Up a Topic

I really suck at talking about my feelings with practically everyone. Verbally, it is never easy. I’ve always had this problem stemming from early childhood. Explaining how I feel in written form is more freeing and cohesive. I have time to think about what I want to say in words, as opposed to voicing whatever…… Continue reading Difficulty with Bringing Up a Topic

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Proving Myself Wrong

It’s painful how sometimes I still give myself excuses to be avoidant. I hate myself right now for the rush of relief pouring through my body after I just canceled an event I was supposed to be present at. The plot twist to this story is a stupid one; I was at the same event…… Continue reading Proving Myself Wrong

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Missed Opportunity

Man, I feel like an idiot. Last week I received a phone call from another job I applied for. The manager left me a voice mail asking me to call her back. I made myself do the right thing by calling back the next day but she was not there. Then Friday I was so…… Continue reading Missed Opportunity

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A family member staying over = explosion of anxiety for me

So, the deal is my mother’s younger brother is flying in tomorrow from California to stay over for 2-3 weeks. It’s his vacation, and this will be the first time my mom is seeing him in two years, which was the last time he came to New York to stay over during his vacation. Naturally,…… Continue reading A family member staying over = explosion of anxiety for me

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A touchy subject sets me off

I try to exude the appearance of an ordinary person, despite my social anxiety, because I don’t want to stand out or be noticed as different. It’s too bad that I’m unable to live up to this facade since I know I’m someone with many deep and unresolved issues. I often feel myself reacting defensively…… Continue reading A touchy subject sets me off