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The Good and the Bad

I wish I could say that I felt inspired to write a post right at this moment because I have positive vibes and nothing but great things to share. That’s not it. Instead I felt the itch to write because I am in a bad mood and desperately wanted/needed some kind of outlet to get…… Continue reading The Good and the Bad

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Life Goes On

This half of the year has been hard. That is an understatement. I am sure the distribution of burden and suffering has been disproportionate. By my circumstances, I might even be considered privileged. I have housing, healthy food, a computer and wifi, and a quiet bedroom to study and sleep in. Most of all, I…… Continue reading Life Goes On

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Getting Past Worries

I am in a state of worry, but there is a comfort in being able to acknowledge it and not trying to fight the tension. Things come and go. I actually had a good day today. The weather was wonderful enough that I wore shorts when I went outside. Just as that bit of happiness…… Continue reading Getting Past Worries

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Living in Fear

It’s frustrating to feel like every step I’ve taken to try to pull myself from the rut I’ve fallen into amounts to nothing. Again I am troubled by the present and finding it difficult to see past the temporary nature of my current problem. My mood has been teetering these past two weeks and it’s…… Continue reading Living in Fear

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Not So Great Expectations

It’s insomnia o’clock for me again. Yay. 😑 I feel some of my more recent posts are indicative of the sorry mental state I’ve been in. There is still a lot up in the air that I haven’t chosen to write about yet. The good news is what is keeping me awake is something I’ll…… Continue reading Not So Great Expectations

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Stresses of Registering for a School

I have roughly eight days of vacancy before I start my first day of school in a 4-week training program to become a certified Home health aide (HHA). I did not enjoy researching online about classes… It was a hit and miss of looking at several places that could potentially be “it” for me. Of…… Continue reading Stresses of Registering for a School

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The Struggle & Release

I was not entirely content with myself. I have not been for several days now in crackles and spurts. Certainly, all that build up led to something boiling inside me. It churned to the point everything around me felt like a dull edge. A limp, colorless world. Yeah, I know the featured image on this…… Continue reading The Struggle & Release

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Not A Good Day (Sorry)

This is not a good post. Whoever is reading this can tell from the title that it’s not going well for me today. That being said, feel free to skip this post because, like some of my other posts, it can be emotionally draining to read. I don’t know for sure but after writing many…… Continue reading Not A Good Day (Sorry)

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A Thing I Need to Remember

A pick-me-up for tomorrow’s adventure: Think about the process of gaining experience and getting used to a situation instead of the proposed outcome of the situation I wish to have. Go into the situation to observe and see what happens in real-time, rather than trying to meet whatever expectations (reality-based or imaginative) I have for…… Continue reading A Thing I Need to Remember

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Going Out & New Environments

It’s only the second day in a row of a mixture of cloudy and rainy weather, but I am going a little insane from staying indoors today. Commonly, in the hours before I go out, I get caught up thinking about the small things, like if I can actually bring myself to make my wish…… Continue reading Going Out & New Environments