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Oh Happy Times

After going through my last few posts and rereading them, I thought about how despite all the melancholy I expressed in writing I did not give adequate acknowledgment to recent happy experiences. When life gets hard, it’s hard not to unconsciously slip into a funk. I forget to take time to slow down and ground…… Continue reading Oh Happy Times

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Things I Didn’t Know About WordPress

This post could count as a mini-break from my usual stream of “Omg I am freaking the f*ck out about life someone send help to me ASAP” posts. Although I have to say I never actively write anything and post it as a method of getting more traffic to my blog, and my style of…… Continue reading Things I Didn’t Know About WordPress

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Where I’ve Been?

The answer to the post title is… Everywhere, and nowhere. I didn’t do anything life-changing. I just went on with my days since my last post on November 4th. I’m half-tempted to do one of those “What I’ve been up to lately” posts but I don’t know if that feels right. I’m not sure if…… Continue reading Where I’ve Been?

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The Sunshine Blogger Award

What better time than now to publish a post for the Sunshine Blogger Award than now! I have been in a bit of a funk for this week about things-that-shall-not-be-named because I really would rather not get into that mess. There’s no question there will always going to be something putting a damper on me. Instead,…… Continue reading The Sunshine Blogger Award

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Mystery Blogger Award 2018

Well, I got nominated for the Mystery Blogger Award! 🙂 Here’s the closest I will ever get to virtually flashing a million watt smile and perfecting my pageant-style wave (in the virtual world, of course) to my adoring fans (I meant this in the most sarcastic way possible since there’s no way I can see myself doing…… Continue reading Mystery Blogger Award 2018

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Happy Belated 4th

My 4th of July didn’t go as expected. Life can change so easily in a blink of an eye. I was so sure in my last post that things would go accordingly as I was picturing they would. How many times have I been here before, with my inaccurate fortune telling? I should know better…… Continue reading Happy Belated 4th

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The Liebster Award 2018

I would like to thank A Rambling Collective, Reina, and Andrea for nominating me for the Liebster Award! I am flattered and I’m grateful for the opportunity to answer your questions plus nominate other awesome blogs for this award too! The Rules Thank the blogger who nominated you. Share 11 facts about yourself. Answer 11…… Continue reading The Liebster Award 2018

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Guest Posting for Gallantly, gal

Hey all! This post is going to a glorified shout-out to my fellow blogger, Gallantly, gal. She has a wonderful blog with so many fun topics, like self-improvement, adulting, introversion, rants and raves about television and films, not to mention cool personality quizzes. I’m honored to have met her and become blogger friends with her.…… Continue reading Guest Posting for Gallantly, gal

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Upset Over Stupid Things

I’m still doing poorly at times with managing my anxiety. I get upset when the change starts blooming inside me. It can happen on a subconscious level without me even realizing there has been a shift in my mood. Or maybe I do recognize it but I don’t know how to seize control of what…… Continue reading Upset Over Stupid Things

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Traveling with Family

For the weekend before Memorial Day, I packed for a three-day trip to the Pocono Mountains where I stayed in a cabin at the Arrowhead Lake community. This was the first vacation I have taken with my parents in years, in addition to my brother plus his girlfriend, Bree. So much anxiety, ugh. Because it…… Continue reading Traveling with Family