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After the Storm

Who knew I would be here in 2019. Just a few days ago I was bubbling with excitement and trepidation over the vocational school I signed up for in the hopes of landing a job after graduation. I thought, This is it, I am finally doing something with my life. I’ve made a decision for…… Continue reading After the Storm

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Unfriending & Browsing Old Messages

Today, I am considering blocking and deleting someone so I’m no longer in contact with him/her. This is a person I’ve been friends with for at least 2 years. Lately we have not seen eye to eye on certain things and it’s partially my fault. Regardless of my reasons for wanting to let go of…… Continue reading Unfriending & Browsing Old Messages

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Facing the Unexpected

No one can ever be prepared for the future, right? Anything could happen in an instant. Someone spills coffee on you by accident. You forget that one thing you meant to bring with you after leaving the house and now you have to backtrack to get it. A public altercation breaks out on the street, what…… Continue reading Facing the Unexpected

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Missed Opportunity

Man, I feel like an idiot. Last week I received a phone call from another job I applied for. The manager left me a voice mail asking me to call her back. I made myself do the right thing by calling back the next day but she was not there. Then Friday I was so…… Continue reading Missed Opportunity

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Prompt: A Lesson I Learned The Hard Way

I seem to use school memories a lot in these prompts, but I can’t help it! Also, note that I am changing up the format a little for these posts and now the link to the list of prompts and the prompt question I used can be found at the bottom of this post. A…… Continue reading Prompt: A Lesson I Learned The Hard Way

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Prompt: A Time I Was Mistaken

This prompt originates from this list. Write about a time you realize you were mistaken. This prompt answer will be short and sweet (or not sweet, once you read what this prompt is about 🙂 ). One morning while I was still bleary-eyed from getting up for school, I went into the kitchen for breakfast.…… Continue reading Prompt: A Time I Was Mistaken