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Difficulty with Bringing Up a Topic

I really suck at talking about my feelings with practically everyone. Verbally, it is never easy. I’ve always had this problem stemming from early childhood. Explaining how I feel in written form is more freeing and cohesive. I have time to think about what I want to say in words, as opposed to voicing whatever…… Continue reading Difficulty with Bringing Up a Topic

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Making Plans

Today was an interesting day. For a very long time, I’ve felt bad whenever I thought I did absolutely nothing in a day. But did I really do nothing or did the squirmy, self-loathing part of me write myself off again? Which is the lesser of evils; to be so swamped with deadlines and projects…… Continue reading Making Plans

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Unfriending & Browsing Old Messages

Today, I am considering blocking and deleting someone so I’m no longer in contact with him/her. This is a person I’ve been friends with for at least 2 years. Lately we have not seen eye to eye on certain things and it’s partially my fault. Regardless of my reasons for wanting to let go of…… Continue reading Unfriending & Browsing Old Messages

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Not Ready Yet

There are many challenges, big and small, to take on. Every day is different. Life can sometimes be a comfy sofa but it can’t always be like that. I understand I have the potential for more. Pushing myself means gaining more experience, being able to see a situation in a new light, and learning to…… Continue reading Not Ready Yet

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Reasons / Excuses

I give myself plausible reasons why I should not go though they are truly just empty excuses. I juggle the two up and down in the air; not knowing which one to catch next in my hands. Which option am I supposed to believe in? Always with this last minute struggle in the hours before.…… Continue reading Reasons / Excuses

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RRW #3: Choices

I’m stuck in inaction. Again. My whole life has been a series of choices. Now here’s another one to make. I know what I have to do and yet… I reach for alternative paths, trying to wriggle out of the obviously most rational choice. Why is this feeling like a root I can never get…… Continue reading RRW #3: Choices

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Belief in Oneself

I am going through a bit of a dry spell this winter in terms of motivation. Or rather, my motivation is very selective as I’ve made the choice to do some things while slacking with others. The decision alone to do or not to do is sometimes one I don’t want to make. I can’t…… Continue reading Belief in Oneself

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Waking Up

Awakening from sleep is the oddest sensation ever. At first, it’s like I’m unable to fully take in what is happening and only through slowly regaining awareness of my surroundings, I realize I am waking up. I sleep with my covers over me, so many times I’ve woken up thinking it’s still dark out until…… Continue reading Waking Up

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Behind the Closed Door

A closed door doesn’t have to be a scary thing, but to me, it is because I don’t know what will be there when I open it. People say that when one door closes in your life, another one will open. When I get a new opportunity or chance, I still don’t want to open…… Continue reading Behind the Closed Door