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Prejudices & Colorism

I don’t think anyone is free from having prejudices about other people. I feel like mine might stem from an innate fear of being threatened by the other person in some way so my mind just jumps to rationalizing a reason for why I need to be on my guard. This post stems from frustration…… Continue reading Prejudices & Colorism

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Mixed Feelings about Race, Language, and People

Sigh. This post is like a huge garage dump for all my conflicted thoughts on several interrelated matters. I revised the title like 3 times already because I kept delving into other topics from the one topic I wanted to write about. Sometimes it feels like the gap in the generational and cultural differences between…… Continue reading Mixed Feelings about Race, Language, and People

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Hiding My Ethnic Background?? 😵

I have never attempted to “pass” as another ethnic background than the one I identify as, though there was most certainly a time when I hated the background I came from. I dislike the association that still persists in some places in the world that a non-white person is a foreigner. Yeah, I have a…… Continue reading Hiding My Ethnic Background?? 😵

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Being Insulted

This happened to me on the Upper East Side of New York many years ago when I was still in college. I was going to the Metropolitan Museum to work on a writing assignment for class. The stupid thing about this incident is how fast it happened in a blink of an eye and I…… Continue reading Being Insulted