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After the Storm

Who knew I would be here in 2019. Just a few days ago I was bubbling with excitement and trepidation over the vocational school I signed up for in the hopes of landing a job after graduation. I thought, This is it, I am finally doing something with my life. I’ve made a decision for…… Continue reading After the Storm

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Stresses of Registering for a School

I have roughly eight days of vacancy before I start my first day of school in a 4-week training program to become a certified Home health aide (HHA). I did not enjoy researching online about classes… It was a hit and miss of looking at several places that could potentially be “it” for me. Of…… Continue reading Stresses of Registering for a School

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Birthdate / Birthday

Today I turned another year older. Last night before midnight, I felt hyper aware of the minutes ticking down. It came and it happened. How many other people around the world also have the same birthdate as me, I wonder? The years of getting a cake and posing for photos in my best dress to…… Continue reading Birthdate / Birthday

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RIP to Mobile Games

It seemed unimaginable that there might be a day when I would decide to say goodbye to mobile games forever. Some days ago, I did just that. No more Candy Crush, Farm Heroes Super Saga, or Cookie Jam on my phone. The trinity of 3-match games I have played on and off for these past…… Continue reading RIP to Mobile Games

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A Thing I Need to Remember

A pick-me-up for tomorrow’s adventure: Think about the process of gaining experience and getting used to a situation instead of the proposed outcome of the situation I wish to have. Go into the situation to observe and see what happens in real-time, rather than trying to meet whatever expectations (reality-based or imaginative) I have for…… Continue reading A Thing I Need to Remember

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Speed of Personal Growth

Being the age I am at and the situation I am in, I am considering the possibility I have unintentionally boxed myself in and robbed myself of the personal growth I could be having if I would let certain things go. I don’t know how many times I have brought this up in past posts…… Continue reading Speed of Personal Growth

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Knowing Myself & Comfort in My Own Skin

I am likely going to spend the rest of my natural life trying to find who I am. Since I don’t know who I am, I am therefore very uncomfortable when people ask me, “Tell me about yourself”, because I fear there is nothing exceptional under those peeled back layers of mine. I guess a…… Continue reading Knowing Myself & Comfort in My Own Skin

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Loosening Up

I was told by a relative many years ago that I am too stiff. I have changed in a lot of ways since then, though I am not done improving myself. Her observation about me was correct. I could hardly sit or stand or be anywhere without showing in my stance or facial expression just…… Continue reading Loosening Up

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A Magic Spell

This was fun to write. 🙂 My magic spell for: Seeing into one of my past incarnations. In my heart and in my mind I’ve always wondered about other times In a different era when my life was just as fine For better or for worse No matter what Be it a blessing or curse…… Continue reading A Magic Spell

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Favorite Christmas Memory

My favorite Christmas memory was many, many years ago when I was still a loyal believer in Santa Claus. I wrote a letter to him that I hid under some books, and to my shock, I later found a typed up note in my room that he wrote. In my naivete, I really thought he…… Continue reading Favorite Christmas Memory