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Household Nuisance

The worst thing about still living with family is how easy it is to be broken down by their criticism. I can’t help but think if I lived elsewhere, it would’ve been more like an Okay, that’s your opinion and I don’t really care. Somehow it feels more personal and affects me more deeply than…… Continue reading Household Nuisance

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A Feeling of Dread

Judging from the featured photo I chose to use for this post, you would think whatever I have to discuss today is terrifying and horrific. In a way, it is. Social anxiety sucks. Anxiety sucks. Having both at different intervals throughout my day to day life is more than just a hassle or a nuisance.…… Continue reading A Feeling of Dread

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Prompt: What Motivates Me & Scares Me

My motivations are simple: to push myself, but to not push myself too hard. Some days over others, I feel ready and able to get more out of my comfort zone. The intent behind these actions is also important, such as I definitely won’t push myself if I feel like I am doing it to…… Continue reading Prompt: What Motivates Me & Scares Me

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Prompt: Why I Could Do It

One wintery afternoon after returning home from class, I found myself locked out of my house. My dad usually walked me to school and he was to lock the door that morning, while I had forgotten to take one of the spare keys with me. Usually, my dad kept an extra set of keys in…… Continue reading Prompt: Why I Could Do It