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Speed of Personal Growth

Being the age I am at and the situation I am in, I am considering the possibility I have unintentionally boxed myself in and robbed myself of the personal growth I could be having if I would let certain things go. I don’t know how many times I have brought this up in past posts…… Continue reading Speed of Personal Growth

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Knowing Myself & Comfort in My Own Skin

I am likely going to spend the rest of my natural life trying to find who I am. Since I don’t know who I am, I am therefore very uncomfortable when people ask me, “Tell me about yourself”, because I fear there is nothing exceptional under those peeled back layers of mine. I guess a…… Continue reading Knowing Myself & Comfort in My Own Skin

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Hiding My Ethnic Background?? 😵

I have never attempted to “pass” as another ethnic background than the one I identify as, though there was most certainly a time when I hated the background I came from. I dislike the association that still persists in some places in the world that a non-white person is a foreigner. Yeah, I have a…… Continue reading Hiding My Ethnic Background?? 😵