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Everything is Changing

Graduation is not too far away. I’ve worked pretty closely this semester with another student, Kris, for a recurring weekly on-campus tabling event. Next week will be our last two days tabling together. He has plans to leave in August to go out of state to continue his college education elsewhere in the U.S. for two years. I personally cannot imagine ever leaving New York City, let alone jumping right into working towards a master’s degree like he will be doing. He was accepted to the same field of study for a school in Harlem, New York City, but he ultimately chose the out of state school out of a desire to experience life in another place.

For me, I have no immediate life-changing plans to do anything except continue with the job I currently have and see how it is to focus solely on that without school work weighing me down half the time. Doing the tabling event has given me the opportunity to eavesdrop on conversations sometimes. I overheard a guy talking about wanting to get into school that is near wherever his girlfriend chooses to attend. I can’t relate to that either; having to reconfigure my life just for one person. I’ve never felt deeply for anyone like that so maybe that’s why I can’t understand.

It’s finally beginning to get warm enough with stable temperatures that I can wear t-shirts. It did feel slightly chillier today because of some wind. I was one of the few people out and about in shorts.

One of my coworkers is leaving soon for another job within the same organization we work for. I’m a bit sad I’ll no longer regularly see him on my Sunday work shifts anymore. A while back I gave him an embroidered bookmark with little motifs that I specifically stitched with him in mind, like a cookie motif because he absolutely loves his sweets. It is a good memory. Maybe we could still plan to hang out outside of work someday.

Lastly the biggest change I’ve worked myself back into is doing more light full body and ab cardio workouts. I really lost myself during the winter with sleeping poorly and as a result, eating poorly and frequently being exhausted for no reason. Now it’s about relearning the habits I already had but am making myself more disciplined with them. Eating slower to truly taste the food is a life-long habit I constantly have to retrain myself to do, and also pacing myself with using restraint to prepare nutrient dense food instead of going for a more unhealthy option because it’s quick and easy. That doesn’t mean I won’t eat pizza, which is considered junk food. It means I can choose to eat a slice but I’ll prepare fresh lettuce and sliced cucumbers and baby carrots to eat with it, and also take my time not to race through the meal. The exercise routine is not hard, it’s the doing and having patience with myself which is difficult.

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