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May Stitch Updates

Where has the time gone? I welcome June with open arms because I love summer!

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Here is the completed cross stitch of my present to my mother for Mother’s Day. I got the frame from Michael’s, and the 05.012.19 was a customization I stitched in to commemorate the holiday.

My wrapping skills weren’t good but I decorated with some felt stickers. Funnily, those stickers were given to me like 2 or 3 years ago at a crafting meetup around Mother’s Day.

Front of the wrapping

The other side

It was Saturday before Mother’s Day I finished everything. To save myself the nerves of anticipation, I just gave it to her before dinner that night instead of waiting for the morning to do it. I told her she could open it later, so I wasn’t around when she did. Lol of course I said this because I couldn’t handle the anxiety of seeing her live reaction to the unwrapped gift. I think she liked it since she added it as decoration in the living room next to the TV and kept the stickers for the frame. 🙂

I have an idea for a Father’s Day card with a custom cross stitch design I made, but so far I’ve only gotten all the supplies I need. I’ve just been too busy and tired from school after class hours to work on anything yet. I hope I can start and finish in time; Father’s Day is on June 16!!


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