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Better Left Unsaid?

It was a snowy day. Usually I don’t get the chance to do the shoveling since someone in my household always gets to it before me. But I was on my own today and I thought, Why not.

An inch of snow already covered the ground as I worked on the area at the foot of the porch steps. Then I cleared all the snow on the street surrounding the house, plus the two driveways on both sides. The right driveway is shared with a neighbor who is my mom’s relative. My dad and brother are not on good terms with that particular person.

It was good I started shoveling as early as I did while the snow was still freshly fallen. As I sprinkled handfuls of salt everywhere including the back and front of the driveway, I ping ponged the idea in my mind that maybe it would be better to not mention to my parents where exactly I shoveled.

Simply put, my dad hates the neighbor(s). His reasons aren’t for me to say. I wouldn’t be comfortable airing that dirty laundry. He certainly has contempt for the family. They are my mom’s relatives which puts her in a tough position too since she dislikes trouble and would rather not stir the pot. It would be awkward as a good portion of her extended family is very close, perhaps too much, in that when one relative has issues with another, basically it can become everyone’s problem.

I did not clean up the driveway for the neighbors’ sake. It had to do with practicality. As weird as it sounds, I really got into the rhythm of shoveling. It was a good hour long workout, lol. Also I just thought it was weird to only remove portions of snow in front of the house and let it continue piling up for everywhere else. It wouldn’t be good for walking on if I left it as it was. Especially how annoying it is when snow freezes into sheens of frozen ice making everything slippery.

After dinner, my mom mused outloud about the strangeness of the neighbors’ driveway which she noticed barely had any snow. She had been gone for the day and returned hours after my outdoor excursion. My dad wondered if the snow was blown away, though he seemed doubtful since it hadn’t been windy at all. They both knew I shoveled that afternoon but not the full extent of what I did. No one asked either so I was content to let things be unsaid. It’s just snow, after all.

7 thoughts on “Better Left Unsaid?

    1. Grudges are unhealthy, in my opinion. I know not everyone holds that same view. It can also depend on the severity of the situation. For me personally, I just think it’s not about whether the other person deserves to be hated but it is about a person not letting so much negative emotion continue to affect him/her years after the fact.

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  1. I love the way you composed this.
    I remember sometimes doing something which my parents forgot or didn’t want to do, I did it.
    Not sure if I was expecting a “Thank you”, but I felt the same way as you (Somethings are better left unsaid).
    I still hoped they would recognize my effort. But they didn’t

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    1. That’s happened to me a lot too. I am not the type of person to tell someone I did stuff. Part of me wants the recognition too but to me I just don’t feel natural announcing things with the expectation they will praise me.


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