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Things I Didn’t Know About WordPress

This post could count as a mini-break from my usual stream of “Omg I am freaking the f*ck out about life someone send help to me ASAP” posts. Although I have to say I never actively write anything and post it as a method of getting more traffic to my blog, and my style of writing is more about sharing my very real personal struggles. Looking at my own stats gives me a headache anyways, lol.

The idea of writing a post about things I didn’t know about WordPress came up after I was browsing the comments section of one of my old blog posts. I scrolled down from one comment chain where someone left me a response and I had replied.

At the very bottom was comment from me where, judging from the context, I was obviously replying to someone but the original comment was no longer there. Since only the blog owner can delete comments from other people on their own blog, I can only assume the person deleted their WordPress account which also erased any and all comments he/she ever made. This reminds me of old comments on my Facebook (which I hardly use nowadays) where people I added as friends left comments on my status updates, but because they later deactivated or deleted their accounts, their comments disappeared while my replies stayed.

It took me probably a year or more on WordPress to realize a spam folder existed. The system is very good at catching incoming spammy comments. Sometimes one slips through and I delete it manually. I scoff at the types that start by complimenting my post and how much they benefited from reading it before delving into a nonsensical broken English sentence about buying car insurance. There are ones that try to interest me in increasing blog traffic by leaving me a very questionable tinyurl link, or the purported blogger implores me for information about how to improve their own blog. Some spam types make me laugh over how it’s not even a very good comment, like when it’s in a different language I can’t read. I’ve gotten whole paragraph long excerpts from books. I remember seeing a lot of one that always started off as, “Properly, boys,” as a quoted spoken dialogue from a female character. The most frequent by far are the Viagra ads…. Thanks, but no thanks, I am not interested!

It took some getting used to the edit screen on the WordPress app. I habitually start posts on the app but prefer to save it and later finish typing on my desktop computer, mainly because I thought the options on the paragraph format screen were more expansive. On the app, I assumed what I could see on bottom bar was all there was to formatting if I were editing a post on mobile. It was by chance one day I put my finger on the bar and accidentally scrolled to the right, which allowed me to see the rest of the format stuff like centering text or adding a divider line.

Lastly was the visual difference between featured images and the first image in a post. I don’t know if it still happens but what I noticed in the past was if no featured image is selected for a post, usually the first image used within the post will appear as the image above the post excerpt.

6 thoughts on “Things I Didn’t Know About WordPress

  1. the way my blog is set up, the ‘featured photo’ only shows up when you show up at the blog. after you choose which one you want to see, it goes away and only the blog is shown. I prefer pictures rather than blog after blog and you have to scroll through to find a particular one. What I mean is, it’s easier to look through a bunch of pictures/titles in tile form. 😀

    That’s the way I did it. The comment thing is weird but I have seen it on my FB before too. I’ll have to go through my comments here on WordPress and take a look now. Thanks for pointing that out.

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    1. I agree, pictures do make things easier to find. As of late I’ve not been that consistent with putting up featured pictures for my post. Maybe I’ll go back and add some just for fun.

      The left behind comments are weird. I think they look funny since it appears I was conversing with myself since the original comment I might have been replying to is now gone.


  2. I think whether a header photo is shown also depends on your blog theme, and if you’ve customised your blog’s CSS. That is interesting you pointed out some of your comments are standalone, and I’ve also experienced that on Facebook. It seems odd just one comment is left standing. However I also still have comments on my bolg where they have stayed, but when you click on it, it leads to a page which says the blog no longer exists, or the link to their blog may no longer exist.

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    1. Cool, I didn’t know the header image depends on the blog theme. I have been using the same theme since I started my blog lol.

      The standalone comments are strange indeed! I thought if the original comment disappeared that the whole comment thread would as well.

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  3. I think I caught onto the spam folder within a few months of getting started because I was reading someone else’s post that mentioned it and where to find it. I know no system is perfect, but it’s frustrating when comments from regular readers end up in spam.

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    1. Yeah, it can be pretty weird when legit comments get filtered out as spam. I had one that was sitting in the spam folder for months and I didn’t see it until I manually checked.

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