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Early Bird

The first day getting back to New York on Tuesday morning, I pretty much felt fine with the shift in time zone until about 3 PM when I started getting very tired. Eating an oatmeal dinner at 5 PM, by then I could barely keep my eyes open! I can’t believe I was dozing off at the kitchen table…

Not wanting to sleep on a full stomach, I endured till 7 PM before I conked out for the evening. I was dead until 7:30 AM the next morning when the incessant buzz of construction work outside welcomed me back into the world. Nothing like the vibrations from the drilling to motivate me to get up. I wasn’t even grumpy about it; probably because it’s been a while since I have been subjected to the city noise I am so used to and I missed it.

I drank two cups of coffee that morning. Still a spell of drowsiness overtook me in the afternoon. 2 PM in New York time is 2 AM in China time. I only felt more drained as the hours flew by. Again I had an early dinner but did some light exercise before lights out at 8 PM.

The third day was a little better. Not as easily fatigued but my energy wasn’t at 100% yet. That night I woke at 1 AM and only went back to sleep at close to 5 AM.

Yesterday’s sleep started at 10:30 PM, and overnight, it ended at sometime shortly after 4 AM when it was clear I was not going to fall asleep again.

Surprisingly I felt okay running on 6-ish hours of sleep, which is a relief seeing as I have a bad history in past years where I slept poorly repeatedly and got massive headaches that turned into nauseating migraines. It wasn’t only bad quality of sleep but I didn’t look after my physical health, like keeping myself hydrated and eating nutritious food.

Many of those mornings after waking up tired and moody, I didn’t care to drink or eat anything until the late afternoon. One lesson I learned from those times is even when I had no appetite and felt like crap, it was better to get food and water into my stomach. Hunger in the body is a powerful thing, it can make a minor headache grow into a severe migraine.

Being wide awake at 4 AM, I thought I might as well do my exercise routine to get an early start on my day. New podcast episodes kept me company as I worked out over the course of two hours. I don’t like being sticky but hey, I must be doing something right if my body was overheating and cooling itself through sweating. Exercise is an outlet for my anxiety. I can’t sit for too many hours or I get really restless.

It’s still a bizarre feeling being back in the Eastern time zone. Everytime I am out and the sun is shining down on me, my body seems to find it “off” in some way. I keep expecting it should be dark outside.

Featured Image by Quentin Dr.

7 thoughts on “Early Bird

    1. For me, I feel very bloated and restless if I lie down after a meal. I’ve always had that feeling. It’s interesting how a full stomach can affect people differently.

      Yes, I hadn’t traveled overseas for so long I didn’t realize the time zone difference would hit me so hard. At least I’ll know for next time lol.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. I think I can give the diagnosis of being jetlagged. 😉

    I had it 3 times.
    First time was to the US. I flew back and I felt find until the evening. We had visitors and while I was telling a story, I simply fell asleep! Haha

    Then the 2nd time, I suddenly was making pasta in the middle if the night! Crazy.

    It will disappear though. But it is a very funny feeling! 😅

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    1. Aw, that is so cute you fell asleep while guests were over. And LOL at suddenly cooking in the middle of the night. Lunch at midnight? 😁

      Yes, I hope the feeling will go away soon!!


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