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3 Quotes, 1 Challenge – Day 1

Thank you to ispeakloudthoughts for nominating me for the 3 Quotes, 1 Challenge prompt. Let’s get this party started! 😆


• Thank the person who nominated you.

• Post a quote for three consecutive days (1 quote for each day).

• Nominate 3 different bloggers for each day.

Quote of the Day

For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness.

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

While I am not a reader of Ralph Waldo Emerson’s writings, I like this quote from him because it’s true to my own life and how easily I can get mad and stay upset about things that aren’t worth exerting so much energy and time upon. I don’t mean that it is wrong to feel angry or have an angry reaction because no one is perfect. Suppressing one’s emotions is also unhealthy, so it is a good thing to let it out, however, getting hung up on remaining in a prolonged state of reliving the anger over and over doesn’t do much good for a person. Very recently I felt very heated over a particularly close-minded perspective that a family member expressed about someone else. Man, I was PISSED about it, to the point I spent most of the rest of the day replaying the words over and over in my head. I really wanted to punch a wall. I didn’t, even though I felt so strongly opposed to what had been said. In the end, I slept on it and decided the disapproving opinion of one person does not count as the absolute truth.
My Nominees

  • Chasing Unicorns – No surprise that I would nominate you since you are great at picking out quotes. Your blog is a joy to read!
  • phigella – I love how honest and down-to-earth you are in blogging about such relatable things. Always helps to brighten my day to see your posts about your adorable pets!
  • supernaturalsnark – I love your snark and blunt criticism. ’Nuff said.

Note: For my own personal preference, I would like to say that my nominees aren’t obligated to do the challenge if they don’t want to. I just nominated you guys because I genuinely like visiting/reading your blogs, haha. So no pressure from me to you. 🙂

13 thoughts on “3 Quotes, 1 Challenge – Day 1

  1. Ah, excellent choice… I was never prone to anger until I hit college, and then… I guess I started letting off the steam in little explosions from so much repression

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    1. Ah, repression. 😣 If you don’t mind me asking, how did you let off steam? The feeling of wanting to punch the wall is the angriest I’ve ever felt and it’s not often I get to that point. Maybe I should become a kickboxer so I can actually hit something inanimate. I know about stress balls, but do they actually have any real effect lol?

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      1. I’ve always wanted to do kickboxing and martial arts and stuff xD I don’t think stress balls really do but I’m sure you’d get a cool iron grip from that. Hm I mostly ranted a lot to people. I became quite the toxic person to be around I think. I would rant, sigh a lot, and snap at people. It was not great. Finally, I quit the job that was really making me an angry person. Since then I’ve gone back to being a sad person xDDD my life is so fun! I think I’m.. getting better though.. I’m tired of being sad and I’m tired of being angry. Oh great, guess that makes me a tired person.


  2. I love that quote. It’s very true… sometimes anger isn’t worth it. Aw, thanks for the nomination! I will get to it in the next few days. Hopefully I don’t post three sappy quotes about the moron I’m dealing with. 😂😉

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