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May Showers

I’m caught in the cycle of May showers this week. Rain day in and day out. This brings to mind the “April showers bring May flowers” I was familiar with and liked the saying because it rhymed well. At least the plants and flowers outside will enjoy all this extra nourishment.

I enjoy hearing the pattering of rain and it’s even better if it is coming down very heavily. That way, the water completely soaks the outside of my windows but the visual of it is both chaotic and comforting. Almost like the world is getting bathed and cleansed.

Very rarely have I ever been drenched in a fierce storm. As a child, there was once I had been out at the market with my mother. All of a sudden it was getting gray and dark. It was very fast. There was thunder, which doesn’t seem like a big deal but I was scared of being outside whenever the sky was rumbling. I wasn’t religious much and didn’t really have a clear idea of higher beings existed, but at the time, the fact the sky could roar like that made me think it was an entity in itself who could strike down whoever was in its way. We sped walked home. There was a chunk of trees overhead on one street we passed. I was thankful for them so I didn’t have to see the dreary color of the sky. So focused on hurrying home, I barely said a word to my mother on the whole way there but in my heart, I was so terrified and thought I would die of fright right then and there. Later years later, I would misremember this incident as “a hurricane” when it was not. The mistake came from a news report I watched after the storm had dwindled off, which weather anchor had classified it as a storm that had potential to turn into a hurricane.

The other “misadventure by rain” incident was slightly comical. Back when I still had a dog, an average-sized sandy-colored Chihuahua, I had him leashed for a walk while my parents joined me. We had barely gotten a few blocks away when steady rain pounded down. My parents had made a run to the house once they were near enough, but I got stuck standing there as my pup was more interested in sniffing at a pole than obliging to the leash tugging. I think I was there for a solid 15 seconds, but being drenched from head-to-toe brought on the shivers. My mom came out with an umbrella and held it over me and my dog until my dog was ready to move on. Canines can be such willful animals, lol.

The rain has stopped. For now anyways. Just before, a Blue Jay bird was at my window. That is a rarity since I usually see the common sparrow. I ever know how to react but have had enough semi-practice around wild birds to grasp that they’re more skittish if I either move suddenly or if I make prolonged eye contact with them. That seems to be the case with most birds I have encountered. Except for pigeons, who pace back and forth around me incessantly with a gleam in their eyes that screams, “Gimme food!” One time I said to the pigeon (when no one is around), “Look, I don’t have anything. See?” as if he could understand me. Another time a white pigeon narrowly missed me as it flew up onto the rafters of a train station. I told him, “Can you never do that again?” Not sure if he got the message.

I’m ready for some sunshine but I guess the weather has other plans until it’s finished with them. It sucks that rain can make me less motivated to go anywhere. A reprieve to think about is it will pass. Eventually.

Featured Image by Le Petite Femme.

15 thoughts on “May Showers

  1. Finally there is some sunshine today! It’s nice out. FINALLY.
    I’ve been sick of the weeks and weeks of cloudy, rainy days… I get it, spring. You’re springin’. It’s been getting me down again because I’m so sensitive to the weather. Summer’s coming up soon though so get ready for sweltering, sweaty weather!

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      1. HA it’s gonna rain all day tomorrow again xD BUT then it’s all sun from there so whew 🙂 yessss my mood is definitely brighter when the weather is bright. If it gets too hot and sunny I start getting a bit irritable but it’s so much better than the sluggishness of cold weather


  2. Thanks for sharing your memories about the rainy weather, Nat. I enjoyed reading them. I think it’s cool that you’re able to appreciate rain. While it’s an interesting part of nature, I hope that you’re able to experience some sunshine soon!

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    1. Rain can be a welcome sight after so many dry days, but it’s the day after day of rain that I get sick of quite easily, lol. I’m ready for the sun to come back. 🙂


  3. Well, you should never visit Belgium then, lol 😀 I lost track of the times I’ve been drenched while riding my bike. But it makes you appreciate the sun even more on those few days a year it does come out 🙂 And I love the sound of rain as well! It helps me fall asleep. Dogs really don’t care about getting drenched do they? 😀 My sister’s golden retriever used to jump in our garden pond whenever he got the chance. One time my dad had to jump in after him because the dog couldn’t figure out how to climb out of the pond anymore, lol 😀

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    1. Ah, Belgium. 🙂 I have never been anywhere in Europe, so just hearing about where you live sounds so faraway and dreamy to me, even though from what you mentioned it sounds like it rains a lot frequently? The sound of rain really is soothing! It helps me sleep as well. 🙂 That’s a cute story about your sister’s golden retriever.


      1. I’m always very surprised when I hear Americans want to visit Europe, especially if they come to Belgium. It’s a very small, rainy country with some nice historic cities like Bruges, but overall there really isn’t much to do. For most Europeans the ultime travel destination is the U.S., but I guess the grass is always greener on the other side 😀 Although I’ve visited New York when I was seventeen and I must say there is no city in Europe that can compare to it! 🙂

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      2. I would love to visit historic sites in Belgium, but also go for the atmosphere. I’m totally the type of person who would be happy to be there sitting in a cafe or taking a stroll around the block. Sometimes I feel like a tourist in NY even though I’ve lived here all my life. Some well-known places in NYC I’ve known about for years but only now as an adult, I am exploring those places.

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      3. I only got to visit the typical tourist attractions in NYC since I only visited for a week but I can imagine there are always new things to explore no matter how long you’ve lived there 🙂 It must be fun to experience New York from a local point of view, knowing where all the nice places are that the tourists don’t know about. But back then I was too young to go to bars in the U.S. anyway (in Belgium the legal drinking age is 16 btw, so it was weird to all of a sudden be underage again :D).

        Belgium definitely has a lot of cosy and authentic cafés with an infinite number of beers to try (that is, if you like beer of course!). I live in a small village in a rural area (literally next to a farm 😀 ), but when I’m on a day-trip with friends to Bruges, Antwerp or Brussels we usually spend the day exploring nice cafés and restaurants instead of visiting the more touristy historic sites. I guess it’s normal to be less interested in those kinds of things if you could visit them anytime, but I do feel ashamed sometimes that tourists probably visit more cultural sites in Belgium than I have.


  4. It hasnt rained at all yet! Its been so dry and I am bummed out to not smell the spring rain. I love the mental picture of your mom holding an umbrella over your dog while you are soaked through haha!

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    1. I would love to trade places with you and get your weather, haha. Spring rain does smell really good… I did not enjoy peeling off those soaked clothes afterward. I hated how they stuck to my skin! I remember wondering how on earth could my dog ignore the rain in favor of sniffing a pole. Such weird interests dogs have. 😛

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    1. It can be hard not to feel down because of the weather. I don’t know why I gravitate towards mood changes based on that lol. Thanks for your blog post link. It seems like exactly what I need right now. ☺ Your positivity is amazing.


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