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Zodiac Animals & Patronuses

The prompt, “What Animal Am I?” sounds like a personality questionnaire I might have taken on Quizilla in my teenage years. Truth is, I don’t know what animal I am actually supposed to be, though I’d like to think I have traits from different ones. I’m not sure if I could pick an animal to accurately represent me. Would I choose a particular creature because I truly believe that is me in animal form or because it’s a creature I wish I were that awesome as?

I knew I was born in the year of the snake (on the Chinese lunar calendar), but I never felt that connected to the animal. Each Chinese zodiac animal has its own personality traits, but I wasn’t aware that each animal can also be broken down further by element (wood, fire, earth, water, and gold) depending on which year the person was born in. My birth year is 1989 so that makes me an earth snake. I don’t take the personality trait breakdown as the gospel of who I really am, especially growing up and always reading on the lunar calendars that snakes are “sneaky, intelligent, and can earn lots of money” (which I did not agree with at all lol), though some traits found in earth snakes sound more like me.

“People born in an Earth element and Snake sign year know how to control their sentiments with calm reasoning, but their romances are not smooth, and it’s very likely for them to be left without love. They can recover quickly, however, due to their calm reasoning.

Earth Snakes don’t like to be controlled by any other people; therefore, they should not be asked their whereabouts when they have been absent. They have lots of opportunities to earn money; however, it’s very hard for them to grasp them.

Even though the opportunities are given to them, they will lose them due to dreadful errors. As a result, they should be more steadfast and more diligent at work.” – Source link

Goodness, there’s that “earn money” thing again. The parts that resonated with me most are not liking to be controlled by other people and having opportunities but losing them due to errors. I wouldn’t say I’m a control freak, though I definitely have that bit in me that craves being in control of myself at all times and not enjoying it when I’m in a position where I feel out of control or have to be emotionally vulnerable.

….Okay, nevermind. After writing that sentence, I just realized I have indeed described a control freak. XD

As for losing out because of errors in judgment or action, well, at the end of the day I chalk it up to I might have made a stupid mistake but if I hadn’t, I wouldn’t be able to learn from it. That’s the optimistic shine on things I could have after spending hours wallowing over my flaws. Yep, that’s me.

I always thought the snake as the hypothetical embodiment of me was a one-off, but then I tried the Pottermore House sorting test and guess where that put me.

Huh. Okay.

My first reaction was, “HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?!” Me, in Slytherin??? I was almost certain by the answers I gave for the questions that I would be in Hufflepuff, damnit. I don’t know whether to laugh awkwardly or demand a resorting. Slytherin is not a bad House (well, sorta) but I would hope I wouldn’t be like some Slytherins who went down the wrong path. Maybe I really am a snake through and through? But the good kind. 🙂

A bonus is my Patronus. It’s weird to envision myself in the Wizarding world. Would I be good at learning spells? I’d like to think if I was a student of Hogwarts, I might be a plain ol’ Muggle.


I know nothing about Nebelung cats, but according to, the word Nebelung is German for “creature of the mist”. I doubt I have the grace of a cat, particularly this breed which is described as moving “with the lithe grace of a Russian ballerina”, unless I count the times I’ve accidentally scared the living daylights out of my mom when I’ve popped up next to her without her hearing me.

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