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Chapped Lips

Okay, chances are you stumbled upon this post, looked at the title, and are thinking, “Seriously? Of all the things this girl is writing about, she writes about something as mundane as chapped lips?” Well, I guess I’m weird like that. Ideas pop into my head. I can’t help but explore them.

I’m not very good at caring for my lips. I often get chapped lips either in very hot weather or very cold weather. The very first chapstick I used was Softlips doublemint flavor. For a long time, that was the only kind that worked well for me because if I tried to use other brands of chapstick, it seemed like my lips would have an adverse reaction to it. Like, getting very cracked and leathery. For such a little problem like chapped lips, I really depended on Softlips to keep my lips soft and hydrated. I remember one time I was scared out of my mind after I ran out of it and I had to wait for my parents to grab some from the store for me. That’s how much I dreaded not having relief for my lips because it is a seriously uncomfortable feeling for them to be that dry. I even developed a habit of picking at the skin that was peeling and accidentally made myself bleed. Yuck.

I didn’t know it was bad at the time but I used Vaseline as an alternative chapstick, though now I know it’s not good since it dries out the lips. I think I overmedicate with chapstick by reapplying it constantly. Then somehow I got to the point where Softlips stopped working for me and would only make my lips more chapped and gross if I put it on. The eos lip balm seems popular nowadays but that had a bad effect on me when I tried it. My lips had a similar reaction if I used other brand name lip balms. For a while I wondered if I was cursed or secretly allergic to some ingredients in the products. On an unrelated topic, various sunscreens also seem to hate my face because I get itchy and red from them. Right now the only chapstick that works like a charm is Blistex. I also sometimes brush my lips (without toothpaste). Apparently it’s good for blood circulation, but I do it as it helps to get off dead or peeling skin.

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