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Heat Problems, Netflix & Clocks

There was a light snow this morning. Because it rained earlier, the ground was wet and so the snow did not stick or the little bit that did quickly melted away. It was a bit of a disappointment that the snow didn’t pile up. I miss smelling the scent of rain wafting in through my open window. Too cold for that in winter.

My home’s temperature is weird when the heat is on. The living room never feels toasty unless the heat is on very high, but then it is too hot upstairs on the second floor. It’s no wonder I scurry to my room with a cup of tea whenever it gets too chilly for me on the first floor. The basement is worse… The guestroom down there is not connected to the main heater line so being in there for like 10 minutes with no heat can be freezing cold. I like using the shower in the basement but I hate how the goosebumps rise on my skin when I step out to towel myself. Yet, the basement’s natural coolness is a great respite from the summer heat.

I just ate a piece of Bark Thins chocolate. It has almond and pretzel pieces in each bite. Ugh, I want to snack on another piece but I know if I do, my face is going to break out in pimples. 😣 The chocolate washed down nicely with my hot mug of coffee, though.

I’m all Netflixed out. The overactive part of me just wants to find another series to get into so I can lose myself in it until spring comes. But, I think I’m done watching new series for now. I may go back to rewatch episodes I liked from particular series if I feel up to it. I saw part of the documentary One of Us, which is about three Hasidic Jews who are trying to leave their Orthodox community and the backlash they face from former family and friends because of it. I’m sure not everyone who is in that community has had the same bad experiences as the people in the documentary, though I do feel sorry for the people who suffered under a lifestyle that impacted them negatively. It’s a serious topic so when I’m ready I’ll resume watching it.

One of my mini-orchids isn’t looking so hot lately. 😞 The remaining leaf on it is getting kind of yellow. Maybe too much sun? I moved it to a more dim area on another desk.

It’s so quiet in the house now. I can hear the wall clock ticking in the living room. There is no way I could have something like that in my room. The ticking noise would make it hard for me to sleep. As a kid, I even took out the batteries in my Hello Kitty clock because the sound in it was too constant. Now that same clock is hanging in the kitchen.

2 thoughts on “Heat Problems, Netflix & Clocks

    1. Thank you for the compliment. 😊 I enjoy reading your writings too. You write in a humorous style that always makes me laugh.

      Icecubes are a tricky business for orchids. Some people say they’re bad for the plant and should never be used. Others say it’s ok to use as long as the icecube doesn’t directly touch the roots or it’ll hurt it. I usually soak my orchid pot in lukewarm tap water for a few minutes and then allow it to drain. My orchid is not doing so well now, I think, because some months back the potting mix was starting to rot. I could tell because there wae white fuzzy stuff growing in it and some of it grew on some roots. I had to cut off those roots to stop the white stuff was spreading. I guess since the root system is now weak, my orchid is less healthy. 😶 I hope for new roots to come in later this year if I can manage to keep it alive…


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