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My Pet Peeves

As I do see myself as a person of tolerance and I try hard not to begrudge people for being different or not conforming to what mainstream society deems is appropriate, I’m also a person that has her own standards of what I don’t like tolerating because it’s annoying or rude (in my opinion). It’s a matter of my own perception, I know, so I hope anyone reading this won’t be offended if I sound nitpicky or if I find something annoying that they don’t see as a big deal. Without further ado, these are my pet peeves.

*Loud eating – For the life of me, I can’t stand it when people don’t chew with their mouths closed. It’s even worse when I tell someone that he/she is eating way too loudly and he/she continues to chew in the same unchanged fashion. Witnessing strangers eating in this way is gross… I once heard a woman loudly smacking her gum on the subway yet her boyfriend either didn’t care or didn’t feel like telling her. Hand-in-hand with this, I find it less annoying but more forgiveable when people slurp their drinks.

*Staring – I get it… Humans have it built in them to be curious about just about anything that moves in front of them or catches their eye. They, including me, can’t help but stare at whatever strikes their fancy. Some people over others, though, I don’t know if it’s a perception thing or if I’m picking up actual bad vibes, but when I’m looked at by certain people… their stares unnerve me to the point I feel like a scared dog with her tail tucked down. My social anxiety could be to blame in at least some of these instances where I am uncomfortable being looked at by the person because I don’t like the feeling of being scrutinized or singled out, whereas I also believe there are situations where the person’s prolonged staring feels inappropriate in some way. I suppose the main barrier with staring, where communication can get mixed up, is that it’s non-verbal so no words are being exchanged from one person to the other. More than half the time when I’m stared at, I always wonder other people’s minds, I am not sure if I would want to know the unfiltered answer to that question.

*Sagging – “Sagging” is a type of fashion in which pants are worn below the waist and usually reveal underwear, though it is sometimes unseen due to being covered with an oversized shirt. I just find the style to be ridiculous looking. I saw kids back in high school dress like that all the time, which seemed age appropriate for people who haven’t reached adulthood yet, but on actual adults, my instant reaction is have a negative connotation with it. What I don’t like about it the most is people thinking it’s okay to show their underwear. I don’t need to see that!

*Phone calls on speaker – I dislike it in public when people are talking on their phones and they put their calls on speaker. It is annoying. It’s even annoying to me in my own home when one of my parents does it, particularly when they are already talking into the phone very loudly as it is and then I have to listen to the other person being loud too. Ugh! It is built in me to feel annoyed, but at the same time, I don’t know the person’s situation or why he/she has chosen to go into speaker mode. It could be for a reason like he/she has bad reception and can’t hear the caller so he/she switched to speaker to see if things would change. Or I could feel annoyed if the situation is inconvenient to me, such as if I’m in a public place and trying to concentrate on a book or project and then I hear the phone call on speaker. I know it’s not fair to the other person if I get mad, and anyway, if it distracts me that much, I could always move to a quieter place.

*Gossiping – I feel it’s in bad taste to talk about people behind their backs. If you have a problem with someone, why not talk to the person in question and just clear the air? Or if not, learn to live with the fact there won’t be a resolution to the situation and move on. It has annoyed me so many times behind closed doors when one of my family members goes on and on about a certain someone’s attitude or behavior and seems to settle for badmouthing the person in private but not actually saying anything to the person about the problem. It gets tiresome and sometimes I just have to get away rather than continue listening to those kinds of endless grievances.

*Papercuts – Ouch! I haven’t gotten a papercut in quite a while, now that I think about it, but getting one hurts sooo badly! The nature of why such a cut stings so much is oddly interesting. Papercuts that don’t bleed are the most troublesome because there’s no scab that usually forms after the blood starts clotting, and I hate wearing bandaids for papercuts. It’s inconvenient for when I wash the dishes or wash my hands because I usually have the change my bandaid afterward…

*Fingernails – I don’t actually hate my fingernails, but I do find it annoying when the white part grows and gets longer. Why can’t it just stay the length it is? To me, it’s kind of pointless, lol. All that ends up happening is I either get dirt under them or I have to trim them because they get too long and start breaking on their own.

Prompt 109 from NY Times Blog: What Annoys You?

Featured Image by Ehud Neuhaus.

5 thoughts on “My Pet Peeves

    1. Sagging is extremely annoying!! I cannot believe people still act like it’s a “cool” fashion statement. Staring is a tough pet peeve I go back and forth on because at one point or another everyone stares so I am guilty of it too, although I try not to look too long since I know what it’s like to feel uncomfortable when someone is staring.

      Thanks for sharing your post! I’ll definitely check it out.


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