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Favorite Christmas Memory

My favorite Christmas memory was many, many years ago when I was still a loyal believer in Santa Claus. I wrote a letter to him that I hid under some books, and to my shock, I later found a typed up note in my room that he wrote. In my naivete, I really thought he had written back and magically delivered it to me. I was most pleased that “Santa” somehow knew my name. I never spoke of this with my parents, but I did piece together years later that my mom must have found my letter to Santa while she was cleaning my room and wrote the reply note.

Image by Drew Coffman

The original note has since been lost, but I can sort of remember what it said. “Santa” thanked me for writing to him and told me that he understood I had gift requests but that he was unable to fulfill all of them. Additionally, he asked me to continue working hard in school and being a good child for my parents. At the bottom of the note, “Santa” had drawn a cartoon head that was obviously supposed to me. I remember being very happy while reading the note. Although it took some time for me to realize the note was not really from him, I appreciate that I got that little bit of Christmas magic in that moment. It is even a little funny recalling the note because when I was older and reread it, I saw one or two spelling errors that I hadn’t noticed before.

Prompt 23 from TheSitsGirls: What is your favorite childhood Christmas memory?

Featured Image by rawpixel.com.

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