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Favorite Viral Videos

Animal lovers beware, this post of mine will include lots of adorable creatures! 😍 My favorite viral videos are, of course, ones with cute animals. I like them so much that I have been adding many to my own private YouTube playlist. I love these type of clips because it makes me happy and/or cheers me up when I am having a terrible day. Some of my all-time favorites that I occasionally rewatch:

A parrot copying his owner by making dog barking sounds, including a sweet little growl at the end that never fails to put a silly grin on my face.

A Jurassic Park prank that might make you laugh, especially how the guy runs for his life from a very real looking dinosaur.

This “Stupid Cat” song may sound obnoxious but it proves how great cats have it as beloved pets who essentially live as kings (or queens?) in their homes. 😆

Watch an adorable little pet duckling get a bath, be dried off with a blow dryer, and then be lulled to sleep by its owner.

A puppy channels its wolf cousins by giving a mournful howl.

A chihuahua has a hidden surprise!

As for non-animal related viral videos I like:

I have heard about Baby Yebin very vaguely in the past but I only very recently watched the video that catapulted her to fame. She’s very cute with her answers!

I love this horror movie trailer parody. 😂😂 It basically sums up the smarter choices people could make in horror flicks.

I cannot ever get over the magnificence of Lana Del Rey’s music video for her song “Born to Die”. The visuals along with the lyrics are haunting and give me all sorts of feels.

This guy impressed me with his ability to combine so many 2014 songs and sing excerpts of them in succession to each other. Wonder how many takes it took him to complete this?

A parody of Harry Potter set to the same lyrical tune of Rebecca Black’s “Friday”. Lol!

Prompt 202 from NY Times Blog: What Are Your Favorite Viral Videos?

Featured Image by Kari Shea.

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