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Favorite Childhood Picture Books

I have good memories of picture books I loved sooo much when I was little. I liked reading books under the “a Little Golden Book” collection. I never read every single one but had a few that I personally owned that I wore out the binding by opening them so often. Of course the allure of picture books was that they had pictures in them to accompany words on each page. This was a win-win for a kid like me who didn’t like reading books with only text on them so the pictures kept me interested.

The one I enjoyed the most was “The Poky Puppy” although now as an adult I have trouble recalling what the story was about. I would say the book that made the biggest impression on me was “Corduroy”. It’s about a bear in a department store who goes searching for his missing overall button and eventually gets one from the girl who buys him. The mystery and intrigue of the bear wandering around different parts of a department store (while no one was around) was otherworldly and exciting to me and I often read the story wondering what that might be like if I were in his shoes. I was also drawn to the somewhat magical concept of the bear, which is supposed to be an inanimate object, yet it is a living being who can move and think for itself while people are away. Another favorite was “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”. I liked the author’s unusual drawing style. Funnily, I didn’t know what a real caterpillar looked then so the book was my only understanding of the bug. It’s also hilarious that, in the book, the caterpillar eats all sorts of weird things, like a lollipop and a piece of sausage. No one idea if real caterpillars find those kinds of things appetizing. Similar to the style “Corduroy”, which had a stuffed toy as its protagonist, “The Velveteen Rabbit” gave me all sorts of fuzzy warm feelings as a child. I was won over by the simplicity of the story about a toy rabbit sewn from velveteen who became a real rabbit. It might be corny to some people, but I liked the message of how happiness can be born from love and hope.

Prompt 3 from NY Times Blog: What Were Your Favorite Picture Books When You Were Little?

Featured Image by WokinghamLibraries.

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