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Putting Together Puzzles

A simple activity that I’m sad to say I don’t indulge in as much anymore in this day and age is working on jigsaw puzzles. I loved piecing them together when I was a kid. I especially enjoyed working on a challenging puzzle that had over a thousand pieces. I would always start out collecting all the border pieces of a puzzle first so I could work that as a starting point for the whole puzzle. After I am done with the border pieces, I study the picture of the puzzle on the box to see if I can determine what same color pieces I could put together in the hopes of connecting them to other pieces. This might easy to work out sometimes if the colors or shapes on certain pieces match very specific parts of the puzzle. Many a time I’ve gotten stuck staring at all the unmatched pieces, unsure which goes where, but my mind is hard at work trying to figure out the next piece to try until they begin looking all the same to me, lol. It’s a great feeling to find a piece that connects to another; kinda like a light bulb going off in my head.

I like jigsaw puzzles because I get to use my brain to solve them, but also because it’s great as both a solitary and group activity. I miss doing puzzles as they remind me of the simpler days in my youth when I had good, clean fun without being sucked into the constant vacuum of either checking smartphone or feeling anxious if I have to keep my phone volume on if someone happens to call me. I find it kinda ridiculous that there are even game apps today for doing jigsaw puzzles. I’m like… Why would I want to do a puzzle on a touchscreen when I can just get a puzzle with all its pieces that comes in an actual box? It’s way more engaging to not only see the puzzle colors but actually feel the texture of the pieces as you put them together to form the whole puzzle picture.

Prompt 37 from Think Written: Write about putting together the pieces of puzzles.

Featured Image by Hans-Peter Gauster.

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