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Flying High

I imagine having wings might be like another set of hands or legs, except I’d be super clumsy with using them. If I suddenly sprouted a pair, it would be hard to adjust to the change of gaining appendages like that. Not to mention how many things I would bump into because of them, or if I accidentally unfurled them at the wrong time, like in a crowded public place. I also have no clue how I might wear clothes if I had wings. Would all my shirts and undergarments require custom holes in the back? Not only that, how would I clean my wings? I used to have a pet parrot who had regular baths in warm shower water afterward he would preen his feathers while they dried. He also went through seasonal molts, where he would shed old feathers and new feathers would grow in, which was uncomfortable for him. I suspect perhaps I would go through something similar if I had to worry about cleaning my wings.

I am scared of heights so I wonder if learning to fly could change that. How does one learn such a thing? That would be both hilarious and a disaster at the same time to attempt it. I would love to fly, though if I were the only human in the world with wings, there might be difficulty in flying freely without scaring people if they see me in the sky or being viewed as an oddity/freak. Even so, seeing how things look from so high up in the sky would be a cool experience. How would the birds react to seeing a flying person, haha?

Prompt 145 from Think Written: Write about having wings and what you would do.

Featured Image by 小胖 车.

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