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Playing a Card Game

I haven’t had the chance to play this card game in a while, but my favorite one to play in a group is Cheat. It’s known by other names, like BS (Bullshit). This game can be played with three or more people. I’ve heard there is a normal and harder version to this game, but I only ever played the normal one, where the Joker in the deck is removed before all the remaining cards are distributed equally among all players. Whoever has the Ace of Spades in their deck puts it facedown in the middle of the table, and this person also gets to go first for each round. The person who goes after this has to place a card (or several cards, if he/she wishes) that is higher than the Ace, which is a two. The point of the game is you can either be truthful about the card you are putting facedown or if you don’t have any twos, you can pretend to have a two when actually you have another card, like a six. This is where it gets tricky because you have to be convincing with your lie as each person is required to say outloud what card(s) they are putting down. Other players will watch your face to see if you are lying, and if someone suspects you are, he/she can call “Bullshit” and force you to flip over the card(s) you took out of your deck. Being a kid and playing this game, I was not comfortable with saying a bad word so on more than one occasion I followed one of my cousins’ examples and substituted the word “pickle”, haha. If you were lying, you would have to take all the cards currently on the table. If you were truthful, the person who called your bluff would take the cards.

The concept of pretending to be bluffing was very foreign to me. At the young age I was then, I didn’t understand how to lie and look like I was telling the truth. This game’s emphasis was on studying other people’s faces, but I was shy about doing that, including whenever people looked at me closely whenever it was my turn. My natural nervousness about being watched did influence my demeanor during the game; so much that I once played a card while sounding very timid saying out loud what card I just put down and got called out for lying, except I was not. So in that way, it was a bit hilarious that other people misinterpreted my jittery mannerisms, however, I really was not good at actually bluffing for real if I had to lie during the game. I would often be way too eager to get rid of multiple cards in my deck so I appeared very obvious whenever I put down a lot of cards. It was fun to call out other people’s bluffs, such as if I had one seven but someone put down four cards claiming it was four sevens. The most nervewrecking was if I only had like one or two cards left in my deck and had to try to not give myself way if I was lying my way to victory. 🙂

Prompt 253 from Think Written: Write about playing a card game.

Featured Image by Jack Hamilton.

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