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Places to Hide

Strangely, as an adult, I can’t remember the last time I hid something with the serious intent of not wanting anyone to find it. The only thing I can think of is where I store my extra cash money in my room, where I store it in an envelope and put that in a pouch that is tucked within back portion inside a desk. Otherwise, it seems like I have a tendency to just leave stuff out or be too lazy to put everything in a neat and orderly fashion, haha. Of course I am cautious, like, if I wrote something on paper that I consider private, I’m not going to just leave it out on my table and will be more inclined to shove it into one of my cabinets where I know people in my household won’t go poking around in. That’s not exactly hiding, but more like trusting that other people aren’t snooping in my room. I mean, I have journals and diaries from more than 8 years ago and they’re all stored in one of my pull-out file cabinets. I guess I believe no one would go looking in there since no one knows where I keep anything.

As a child, I used to hide my money wallet in my underwear drawer. I thought I was being so clever, however, my brother was so annoying then by unearthing where I hid it. He knew I was writing in a diary at the time and would sometimes try to scare me with stories of my mom asking him to read it for her. I was afraid he was telling the truth because he was good at lying, but I never truly believed that my mom would violate my privacy like that. Still, I didn’t want my brother to read my diary if he ever did come across it, so I randomly picked a folded stack of clothes on a shelf in my room and stuck the book between two of them.

Hide-and-seek was a regular childhood game I played with my cousins. I was usually never good at not being found, lol, because I’d pick places that didn’t hide me very well, like behind an open door or under the table. I actually liked being found early in the game because it meant less crouching or standing in my hiding spot. Sometimes I hid in an area that was further away from where the person who was “it” was searching, and I remember feeling so bored with having to wait more than ten minutes before I was found. The closet in my room was a favorite spot to hide for me and my cousins, but we got into trouble with my mom a few times because we made quite the mess in there. One time, my cousins even had to go home early because of it.

The house basement has a Japanese style room that my dad built many years ago, including a kotatsu style table. While a kotatsu is generally used to keep warm because it has a heat source underneath the table, the one my dad made didn’t have that and instead, he created a cut-out space in the floor under the table where someone could slip their legs under. In addition, the table top was a retractable one that could be manually controlled by a switch to make it higher or lower and could even retract all the way down to be aligned with the floor level. The space under the table was large enough to fit a person, too, and one of these times, my brother used it as his spot during hide-and-seek. I could never do that because it would mean having to be in complete darkness once the tabletop was brought down to floor level. Creepy!

Other than hiding things in a physical sense, I would say I have done a lot of hiding in the mental/psychological sense. What better place to hide something than in my mind?

Prompt 199 from Think Written: Write about places you like to hide things at. What was a favorite hiding spot for you as a child playing hide-and-seek?

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