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Girls Made of Snow and Glass by Melissa Bashardoust

You know I couldn’t pass up this book because of its intriguing fairytale-esque title. If you enjoy reading fantasy fiction with a fairytale twist as much as I do, this might be the book for you.

With elements from the Snow White fairytale, I would sum up the tale as a familial bond between two girls. Mina, a daughter of a feared magician, cannot feel love because her father cut it out and replaced it with a glass heart. Despite this, Mina begins to have hope when she forms a genuine connection with the King and thinks of a future where she becomes Queen and can finally know love. During the courtship, she curries the favor of the King’s daughter Lynet, who is said to bear a striking resemblance to the deceased Queen. Lynet, never having known the love of a mother, grows attached to Mina, while Mina finds herself becoming protective of Lynet after finding out the girl is not really the Queen’s child, but that her magician father created her out of snow in the Queen’s image. However, the close relationship between stepdaughter and stepmother is tested when the King, becoming fearful that Mina holds too much power over Lynet, makes his daughter Queen of the southern territories. Lynet is too afraid to admit she doesn’t want to be Queen and can’t live up to her father’s expectations, while in time Mina resents Lynet for being given what she desired and takes drastic measures against her to claim it. Soon, Lynet too must decide if she has it in her to take down the woman who she once looked up to.

Some hints about things in the book:

1) Aside from the in-book adaptations of Snow White and her stepmother, both the Magic Mirror and the Huntsman appear, but in a special way that I did not expect.

2) Love knows no gender or convention. You’ll get what I mean after you read the book. 🙂

3) To surrender or fight are not the only options someone has in order to “defeat” a foe.

If you finished the book, let me know your thoughts on it. 😄

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