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I never knew until some years earlier that fireworks originate from China. That’s amazing to realize a creation like that spread and made its way overseas to countries all over the world.

Most of my experience with seeing firework displays is from television broadcasts. Fireworks bring to mind some holidays where they are used as a celebratory salute, such as Independence Day, both the Lunar New Year and New Year, and Christmas. Two or three years ago, I got to see a fireworks display during an evening wandering an amusement park boardwalk with my family. The experience was so different from only seeing fireworks on television. In real time, I was present there to see the flares shoot up and brighten up the otherwise dark sky. The colors of the fireworks was a lot more vibrant to see in person, too. In the summers at this park, there are fireworks every Friday night at 9 PM. Because I live a few subway stops from the area, I could often hear the distant explosions of the fireworks as they went off.

The color and patterns of fireworks are beautiful but brief. I don’t mind the noise they make as long as they don’t disturb me from sleep. Some people in my neighborhood can set off fireworks in the hours after the New Year. It can be a little annoying to bear if I’m trying to get some shuteye and kept awake by the smattering of fireworks at various intervals. When I used to have my dog Panda, he hated the sound of fireworks, often barking endlessly at the screeching sound lit fireworks made before combusting in the air. It’s a good thing he was never outside while they were going off because the noise could have freaked out and caused him to run away. I feel bad thinking about those who may have lost their pets this way. I used to own a little parrot as well, and it might have been a firecracker rather than a firework that went off, but it happened during one afternoon when I brought him into the backyard for some sunshine. My bird immediately flipped out at the noise, which sounded like it came from a few houses down. He flew several feet away and landed on the ground. I was glad he didn’t try to fly into the street where cars were passing by or that would have potentially become dangerous.

Prompt 124 from Think Written: Do they inspire you or do you not like the noise and commotion? Write about it.

Featured Image by Ray Hennessy.

7 thoughts on “Fireworks!

  1. I love fireworks! During big holidays they’re nice to see. It’s something that brings people together, and I love that. And the colors! Our animals hate the sounds of them though, too. Always freaks them out on the Fourth of July because you can hear them from my house.

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    1. Yes, fireworks really bring people of all walks of life together for a moment. The firework colors are spectacular to watch, especially when there’s a volley of several kinds in varying colors. I wonder how they choreograph that… Yeah, I feel bad for animals when they hear the fireworks. It’s their instinct to be afraid perhaps because the noise is naturally scary sounding to them.

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      1. It really does! I’ve always wondered how they choreographed them as well. And yeah it’s mostly because they don’t understand where all the loud booming is coming from. A lot of animals are afraid of thunder, too


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