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Way Too Hot

I would rather be too hot than too cold. I envy those who live in parts of the world where the weather is warm all year around. Being overheated and sweaty on a hot summer day can sometimes be no fun, but it is better than being trapped indoors with many layers of clothes on to stave off a bitter winter chill. Hot weather is a reason to go out and explore even if I find myself unable to walk several blocks without burning up under the watchful glare of the sun. It is an icky feeling when the sweat collecting on parts of my body, like my backside and my neck, cause my clothing to start sticking to my skin, even if the tank top I am wearing is very loose and thin. In hotter temperatures, I use a sports bra to my advantage because although I still feel yucky, the fabric is a lot more comfortable than if it were just a regular bra I had on. I dislike wearing pants in summer weather and in the last year, I’ve stuck to matching my tops with shorts or skirts. I am generally very passive about wearing a hat to shield my face on a hot afternoon day. I almost never bother putting one on or I usually forget to, which can be bad for times where having one makes a drastic difference in how I feel under direct sunlight. I do typically shave my legs, but a couple of times I did not out of laziness or lack of time if I was in a hurry to get out of the house. Whether anyone saw my hairy legs or not, I don’t care. 😛 Women are allowed to have hair too, damnit.

In other circumstances I’ve been overheated as a physical reaction I had towards feeling extreme panic, I can only count these incidents happening a few times in my life. It similar to the feeling of standing in the sun and your skin being slowly baked from the outside, except, in this case, it is like being baked from the inside. My whole face will feel as if it’s on fire, almost like I have a fever, in addition to my cheeks being very red. The worst is the sweat, which feels like it’s both hot and cold at the same time.

Being overheated and sweaty during exercise is a great feeling, although it may look disgusting, haha. Many a time in my summer yoga classes, just being in a room that naturally humid was enough to cause me to start sweating like a pig even before the class would begin. I made the mistake of not tying up my hair in a bun during my first time in class and I looked like a mess by the end of class.

One surefire way to cool my body is to jump in the shower for a cold rinse. Phew! It is so satisfying to have that immediate relief once the icy water hits my skin and I can scrub away the buildup of grime and sweat on me. If I don’t have the opportunity for a shower right away, it helps to drink something cold or press a cold bottle against my forehead. Iced coffee is yummy, but staying hydrated with water is important too. I also carry moist wipes with me as a quick way to clean up if needed.

Prompt 105 from Think Written: Write about being overheated and sweltering.

3 thoughts on “Way Too Hot

  1. I hate the cold so much, I freeze really easy and it takes me forever to warm up. Because of that, I prefer the heat as well. I don’t like wearing 30 layers to stay warm lol. At least in the summer you have warm nights, too, so walking at night is really nice. It’s awful in winter.

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