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Prompt: A Time I Was Mistaken

This prompt originates from this list.

Write about a time you realize you were mistaken.

This prompt answer will be short and sweet (or not sweet, once you read what this prompt is about 🙂 ).

One morning while I was still bleary-eyed from getting up for school, I went into the kitchen for breakfast. My dad had made scrambled eggs. Since I was up first before my brother, I got to eat from the plate first. From the cabinet, I grabbed the dispenser containing soy sauce and poured some over the eggs. Then I scooped a bit of the eggs onto my bread. When I took a bite, I immediately realized it didn’t taste right because instead of soy sauce, I accidentally poured black rice vinegar over the eggs. Oh no! 😦 I mistook the vinegar for soy sauce not only because the sauces were the same color but also each of their dispensers have similar looking spouts that were red in color. The only difference between the two was the soy sauce’s dispenser was thinner at the waist while the vinegar’s dispenser was more curvy. I would have been able to tell the difference had I looked more closely. I was too embarrassed by my mistake that I didn’t say anything to my dad and just kept eating the eggs, ugh. I didn’t see my brother that morning since I left for school shortly after. Later my dad mentioned the vinegar and soy sauce mix-up to me, and how he found out when my brother was eating the remaining scrambled eggs and noticed it tasted different.

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