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Secret Stitch – Mother’s Day Gift 

This is a wip update for my stitch project that I am working on as a gift for my mom that I first mentioned in this post. 😘 I am terrible at buying gifts so I think it’s best I make a stitch gift. Even if I had the money to buy an expensive gift for her, I wouldn’t know if she’d like my present.

I took a bunch of photos as I stitched on different days. Here they are. 😊

Day 1
Day 1 – an hour or two later
Day 2
Lots of days later!
Progress photo from last night

In my opinion, it’s still a little hard to tell by the latest wip photo that the finished project is supposed to be a collage of pink flowers, but hopefully, the more I stitch, the more the whole picture comes together. 🌺🌺🌺


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