Sometimes Life Just Sucks

Yep, it’s one of those days where I feel like nothing happened and life just sucks. I envy those who don’t like being around people much but at least have work obligations and therefore have to interact with people whether they want to or not. I, on the other hand, still willingly avoid people on many occasions. I am basically responsible for how I feel at this moment because I am isolating myself from others.

I am not depressed right now though. It’s more like a feeling of general discontentment with how my day went. Reflecting on this now, I feel silly for mulling about actions I didn’t take today and words I never said today. It’s already in the past, in a way, because I can’t go back and change things that already occurred.

All I know is this crappy mood I am in is not going to stick forever. I believe it won’t. At least I have dinner to look forward to and catching the latest new episode of my favorite show Once Upon a Time tonight on tv, yay. That’ll make my day suck significantly less, perhaps.

Have you ever had a day where your life feels like it sucks and what did you do to feel a little better about the situation?


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