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Secret Cross Stitch Project

Mother’s Day is almost here, but my mom actually went overseas a few days ago on vacation with her friends for a month. I have tentative plans to stitch a pretty design and decorate it on a card for her. Already I feel nervous wondering if I can finish the project in time. I have a month to get this done, which seems like a lot of time, but time flies and before I know it, she’ll be back.

Today was a rainy and dreary day and I didn’t feel much like stepping outside into the cold, so I tried to get creative indoors. Since I apparently can’t get the cross stitch pattern maker program PCStitch to work on my computer, I tried out a free program called KG-Chart. Thanks to Jemma for sharing the download link with me. Using the program, I took a photo and converted it into a cross stitch pattern. I was actually browsing my mom’s Facebook albums to see if I could find an interesting photo to convert and then I saw a gorgeous picture she had taken of some flowers in her garden. I can only hope the finished cross stitch will look as nice as the original photo. When I complete the project, I will be posting a side by side comparison.

A mini-preview of what the cross stitch chart looks like. Yes, that is a little bear sitting on my computer. 😉

The whole project is 25 embroidery floss colors in total. I think I have some of the required colors in my floss collection right now, but the tedious part might pulling certain colors if I’ve already set them aside to use in other projects. Maybe I should just buy all the colors, including the ones I already have? Either way, this gives me an excuse to go to Michael’s to get the craft supplies I need. 🙂 Somehow I always end up buying more from that store than I intended, lol.


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