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Sea of Deep Blue

This is a cross stitch update of a previous work I posted about here. Today, I focused on stitching one particular section of the project because a lot of it was the same color: blue. 💙

I also gave myself the added challenge of seeing how much I could get done during the hours I stitched.

On a typical day, I really struggle with stitching the same color over and over because it gets a little boring so I stitch in the color a little as a placeholder on the cloth so I can count the squares to add nearby stitches that are in other colors. This helps so I can have the advantage of working on other stitch colors but also can come back to stitching the original color if I want to. But today I felt quite invested in only working on one color and getting this huge area of deep blue stitches done.

Here’s how the section looked when I started at 3:07 pm EST.

There’s also a specific reason that it looks like I began stitching the outermost blue stitches of the pattern first before I filled in the blue in the middle. It’s very easy for me to miscount the squares when the rows of colors are very long and many a time I’ve messed up on a whole area if I added an extra stitch in by accident. I alleviated the issue this time by adding in the outer blue stitches and also counting the blank squares between stitches of different colors to ensure I was putting in the blue stitches in the right squares. It’s tedious, but also helps to double check by recounting the squares on the cross stitch chart and then counting the stitches on the cloth. I hate making mistakes and it’s no fun business having to rip out stitches to redo them.

This was at 4:51 pm EST. I took a little 10-minute break after this. 🙃

It’s weird to see photos of my own embroidery. I’m pretty self-conscious of each stitch I make and am never satisfied with how they look.

My end time here was 6:12 pm EST. Aah, so close to the finish line!

I almost completed all the blue stitches except for one row of them. Until this point, I had been stitching in my room without interruptions but I had to stop here since it was dinnertime. Still, I’m happy I nearly got everything done.


8 thoughts on “Sea of Deep Blue

  1. Okay, so I went out and bought one of those little all-in-one kits for like $5. It was so hard to do because years ago I used to do elaborate counted cross-stitch patterns. I kept reminding myself this is just a test. I have so many other hobbies but I just want to see if this speaks to me again. If it doesn’t than I’ll most certainly enjoy yours, knowing that I gave it a go.

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      1. – It’s listed as Step 3 near the bottom of the page.
        I stitch alternating 1+8+1 per 10 squares with the 8 being the gridline and the 1s being unstitched for the outer border to mark each 10×10 square as shown in the pic in this post: – How to do it with pencil/pen and I can’t remember if she makes gridlines with fishing twine in this video or another one she posted.

        Hope that helps!

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